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James Lorimer & Company Ltd., Publishers

Books from this publisher

A Guide to 1837

by (author) Peter Flaherty

The Age of Mackenzie King

by (author) Henry Ferns

Canada's Unions

by (author) Robert Laxer

The Age of Mackenzie King

by (author) Henry Ferns

Land and Urban Development

A Preliminary Study

by (author) Peter Spurr

The City Book

The Planning and Politics of Canada's Cities

edited by James Lorimer & Evelyn Ross

Singin' About Us

edited by Bob Davis
compiled by Bruce Burron

The Bad and the Lonely

Seven Stories of the Best--and Worst--Canadian Outlaws

by (author) Martin Robin


A History, A Play

by (author) Rick Salutin

1837 : The Farmers' Revolt

A Play

by (author) Rick Salutin

The Billion-Dollar Game

by (author) Nick Auf der Maur

Winners, Losers

The 1976 Tory Leadership Convention

by (author) Patrick Brown, Rae Murphy & Robert Chodos

Winnipeg 1919

The Strikers' Own History of the Winnipeg General Strike: Second Edition

foreword by W.A. Pritchard
edited by Norman Penner

Good Buy Canada!

by (author) Murray Soupcoff

The History of Canadian Business, Volume I


by (author) R. Naylor

Inflation or Depression

The Continuing Crisis of the Canadian Economy

by (author) Cy Gonick

Le Triste Dragon

by (author) Christiane Duchesne

The History of Canadian Business, Volume II


by (author) Tom Naylor
foreword by Eric Kierans

Lazaros Olibrius

by (author) Christiane Duchesne

Memories are made of this

What it was like to grow up in the Fifties

by (author) Melinda McCracken

Shantymen of Cache Lake

by (author) Bill Freeman


Portrait of a Canadian Mining Multinational

by (author) John Deverell

The Politics of Food

by (author) Don Mitchell

Taste of the Wild

by (author) Blanche Pownall Garrett

The Canadian Fact Book on Poverty

The Canadian Council on Social Development

by (author) David Ross

Vancouver Ltd.

by (author) Donald Gutstein

Salt of the Earth

by (author) Heather Robertson

Strange Empire

by (author) Howard Joseph

Canada's Energy Crisis

by (author) James Laxer

Let Us Prey

edited by Robert Chodos & Rae Murphy

The Politics of the Canadian Public School

edited by George Martell

The Day of the Glorious Revolution

by (author) Stanley Burke
illustrated by Roy Peterson

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