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Insomniac Press

Books from this publisher

The Best of the Worst News

Tales of Inspiration from Around the World and My Life with ALS

by (author) Norman MacIsaac

The Russian

by (author) Brad Kelln

River Revery

by (author) Penn Kemp

The Scorpion Season

by (author) Tara McGowan-Ross

Why Me and No Gold Watch?

by (author) Rick Atkinson

Black Donnelleys, The

by (author) Thomas Kelley

Investigation Into the Death of Roberto Bolaño

by (author) Stan Rogal

Tell Me More

by (author) Brad Kelln

Leaving the Shoreline

by (author) Grant Armstrong

Chrome Kisses

by (author) Jamie Popowich

Crumbling of Arty Wall, The

by (author) Nic Labriola

Port of Being

by (author) Shazia Ramji

Bad Animals

by (author) Tom Cull

Local Heroes

by (author) Penn Kemp


by (author) Jennifer Chen

Black Like Who?

20th anniversary edition

by (author) Rinaldo Walcott


by (author) Stan Rogal

Femme Confidential

by (author) Nairne Holtz

Heidi Not Long Nose Little Leg!

by (author) Michael Murray

Cosmic Fishing

by (author) Jaymz Bee

Black Notes

by (author) Althea Prince

Shakespeare Folio, The

by (author) Chris Eyles

Landlording in Ontario

A no-nonsense guide to property management

by (author) Chris Seepe


by (author) Paul Zits

Things Are Different Here

by (author) Rod Michalko

Professional Financial Advisor IV, The

by (author) John DeGoey

Talking Music 2

More Blues Radio and Roots

by (author) Holger Petersen


by (author) Tara McGowan-Ross

Queer Returns

Essays On Multiculturalism, Diaspora and Black Studies

by (author) Rinaldo Walcott

Van Full of Girls, A

by (author) Michael Murray

There Is No Escape Out of Time

by (author) Jacqueline Valencia

Dog the Moon

by (author) Stan Rogal

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