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Hades Publications, Inc.

Books from this publisher

Expiration Date

by (author) Nancy Kilpatrick


by (author) Suzanne Church

The Milkman

A Free World Novel

by (author) Michael J. Martineck

Clockwork Lies

Iron Wind

by (author) Dru Pagliassotti

The Braided Path

by (author) Donna Glee Williams

Pock's World

by (author) Dave Duncan


by (author) Barbara Galler-Smith
with Josh Langston

Tesseracts Thirteen

Chilling Tales of the Great White North

edited by Nancy Kilpatrick & David Morrell

The Case of the Pitcher's Pendant

A Billibub Baddings Mystery

by (author) Tee Morris

Far Arena

Part Five of the Okal Rel Saga

by (author) Lynda Williams

Of Wind and Sand

by (author) Sylvie Bérard

Digital Magic

by (author) Philippa Ballantine

Gaslight Grimoire

Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes

volume editor Jeff Campbell & Charles Prepolec

Petrified World

by (author) Piotr Brnyczka

Writer's For Relief

An Anthology to Benefit the Bay Area Food Bank

volume editor Davey Beauchamp

Sorcerers of War

by (author) Kristan Proudman

The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy Vol 2

The Opus Magus

edited by Tee Morris & Valerie Griswold Ford

The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy, The: Volume 3

The Author's Grimoire

by (author) Valerie Griswold-Ford

Elements of Fantasy: Magic

volume editor Dave A. Law & Valerie Griswold-Ford

Tesseracts Twelve

volume editor Claude Lalumiere


by (author) Lynda Williams

Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait

by (author) K.A. Bedford

Operation: Save the Innocent

From The Declassified Tales of Team of Darkness

by (author) Tony Ruggiero

FireStorm of Dragons

edited by Michele Acker & Kirk Dougal


by (author) M.H. Bonham

Darwin's Paradox

by (author) Nina Munteanu

Tesseracts Eleven

Amazing Canadian Speculative Fiction

edited by Cory Doctorow & Holly Phillips

Keeper's Child

by (author) Leslie Davis

Virtual Evil

by (author) Jana G. Oliver

The Longevity Thesis

by (author) Jennifer Rhan

First Contact

The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction

edited by David A. Law & Darin Park

As Fate Decrees

by (author) Denyse Bridger