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Goose Lane Editions

Books from this publisher

Len & Cub

by (author) Meredith Batt & Dusty Green

305 Lost Buildings of Canada

by (artist) Raymond Biesinger
by (author) Alex Bozikovic

Moving the Museum

Indigenous + Canadian Art at the AGO

edited by Wanda Nanibush & Georgiana Uhlyarik

Rafael Has Pretty Eyes

by (author) Elaine McCluskey


The Sobey Family and Canadian Art

edited by Sarah Milroy

It Was Dark There All the Time

Sophia Burthen and the Legacy of Slavery in Canada

by (author) Andrew Hunter

Moments of Perception

Experimental Film in Canada

edited by Jim Shedden & Barbara Sternberg
text by Michael Zryd & Stephen Broomer

Asleep in the Deep

Nursing Sister Anna Stamers and the First World War

by (author) Dianne Kelly

Christi Belcourt

by (author) Sherry Farrell Racette, Nadia Kurd & Dylan Miner
by (artist) Christi Belcourt

Lost Time Accidents

by (author) Síle Englert

Myself A Paperclip

by (author) Triny Finlay

Waterfalls of Cape Breton Island

A Guide

by (author) Benoit Lalonde

On Borrowed Time

North America’s Next Big Quake

by (author) Gregor Craigie

Out of Mind

by (author) David Bergen

On Opium

Pain, Pleasure, and Other Matters of Substance

by (author) Carlyn Zwarenstein

Running Trees


by (author) Amber McMillan

The Running Trees


by (author) Amber McMillan

My Daughter Rehtaeh Parsons

by (author) Glen Canning
with Susan McClelland


Changing the Face of Canadian Politics

by (author) Stephen Kimber

Hiking Trails of Ottawa, the National Capital Region and Beyond

2nd Edition

by (author) Michael Haynes

Ben Woolfitt

Rhythms & Series

by (artist) Ben Woolfitt

Anything but a Still Life

The Art and Lives of Molly Lamb and Bruno Bobak

by (author) Nathan Greenfield

All the People Are Pregnant

by (author) Andrew DuBois

Poisonous If Eaten Raw

by (author) Alyda Faber

Good Earth

The Pots and Passion of Walter Ostrom

by (artist) Walter Ostrom

Northern Light

Power, Land, and the Memory of Water

by (author) Kazim Ali

Constant Nobody

by (author) Michelle Butler Hallett

Autism Arts

A Partnership between Autism Nova Scotia and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

by (author) Dale Sheppard
contributions by Cynthia Carroll & Melissa Marr

Future Possible

An Art History of Newfoundland and Labrador

edited by Mireille Eagan

Hour of the Crab

by (author) Patricia Robertson

Peter Powning

A Retrospective / Une Rétrospective

edited by John Leroux

Like Vision

The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson

edited by Ian Dejardin & Sarah Milroy

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