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Formac Publishing Company Limited

Books from this publisher

Nathan Cohen

The Making of a Critic

by (author) Wayne Edmonstone

Shaking It Rough

A Prison Memoir

by (author) Andreas Schroeder

When I Was Young

by (author) Raymond Massey

Ticket to Hell

Via Dieppe: From a Prisoner's Wartime Log 1942-1945

by (author) A. Robert Prouse


by (author) James Gray

The Lockeport Lockout

An Untold Story in Nova Scotia's Labour History

by (author) Sue Calhoun

Letters from a Lady Rancher

by (author) Monica Hopkins

Something Hidden

A Biography of Wilder Penfield

by (author) Jefferson Lewis

The Wheel of Things

A Biography of Lucy Maud Montgomery

by (author) Mollie Gillen

The Patricks

Hockey's Royal Family

by (author) Eric Whitehead

The Fighting Fisherman: Yvon Durelle

by (author) Raymond Fraser

Canadian Nurse in China

by (author) Jean Ewen

Boys, Bombs and Brussels Sprouts

by (author) J. Douglas Harvey

E. P. Taylor

by (author) Richard Rohmer

Hugh MacLennan: A Writer's Life

by (author) Elspeth Cameron

My Uncle Stephen Leacock

by (author) Elizabeth Kimball


The Doctor Who Couldn't Turn Away

by (author) Eleanor Wright Pelrine


by (author) Maria Campbell

Walter Gordon

A Political Memoir

by (author) Walter Gordon

Hiking Trails of Cape Breton National Park

by (author) Les Amis du Plein Air

Hollytales to Warm your Dreams

by (author) Dorothy MacDonald

Death Can Be Beautiful

by (author) Kenneth A. Bryson

Anne of St. Ann's

by (author) Lilla Stirling

The Colliers Tattletale

by (author) Ronald McIntyre

Maîtres de leur propre destin

by (author) M.M. Coady


A Move in the Right Direction

by (author) Lewis Forbes

It Happened in Nova Scotia

by (author) Hugh MacDonald

The Akerman Years

Jeremy Akerman and the Nova Scotia NDP, 1965-1980

by (author) Paul MacEwan

Masters of Their Own Destiny

by (author) Moses Coady

The Highland Heart in Nova Scotia

by (author) Neil MacNeil

Through the Corridors of Hell

by (author) George Evans

Nova Scotia Writes

by (author) Philip Milner

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