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Fifth House Books

Books from this publisher

A Celebration of Prairie Birds

by (author) Wayne Lynch

How the West Was Written

The Life and Times of James H. Gray

by (author) Brian Brennan

Dog Tracks

by (author) Ruby Slipperjack

In Search of Almighty Voice

Resistance and Reconciliation

by (author) Bill Waiser

The Manitoulin Incident

by (author) Alanis King

Truth and Beauty in the Canadian Rockies

An Explorer's Guide to the Art of Walter J. Phillips

by (author) Lisa Christensen

Sharing Our Truths/Tapwe

by (author) Henry Beaver & Mindy Willett
with Eileen Beaver
photographs by Tessa Macintosh

The Scoop on Poop: The Fascinating Science of How Animals Use Poop

by (author) Wayne Lynch

Dragonfly Kites

by (author) Tomson Highway
illustrated by Julie Flett

Bert Riggall's Greater Waterton

A Conservation Legacy

edited by Beth Towe

The Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar 2019

compiled by David Phillips

Song on the Wind

by (author) Caroline Everson
illustrated by Anne Marie Bourgeois

The Spirit Trackers

by (author) J. Bourdeau Waboose
illustrated by Francois Thisdale

Tracks to the Trenches

Canadian Railway Troops in the Great War (1914-1919)

by (author) David Guay

Gully Farm

by (author) Mary Hiemstra

The Incredible Adventures of Mary Jane Mosquito

by (author) Tomson Highway
illustrated by Sue Todd

Caribou Song

by (author) Tomson Highway
illustrated by John Rombough

The Rahtrum Chronicles

The Dream

by (author) R.K. McLay

A World We Have Lost

Saskatchewan Before 1905

by (author) Bill Waiser

Weather Trivia Calendar 2017

Celebrating Canada's 150th Anniversary

by (author) David Phillips

Au coeur de nos croyances

by (author) Raymond Taniton & Mindy Willett
photographs by Tessa Macintosh

Keepers of the Animals

Native Stories and Wildlife Activities for Children

by (author) Michael J. Caduto
illustrated by John Kahionhes Fadden

Alanis King: 3 Plays

by (author) Alanis King

Face the North Wind

by (author) A.L. Karras
foreword by Jim Karras

Toronto at Dreamer's Rock & Education is Our Right

Two One-Act Plays

by (author) Drew Hayden Taylor

Fire Pie Trout

by (author) Melanie Mosher
illustrated by Renné Benoit

Tales from Behind the Loincloth

by (author) Jennifer Podemski

Las Comadres de la Rez

The Rez Sisters in Spanish

by (author) Tomson Highway

Mingan my village

illustrated by Roge


my village

illustrated by Roge

Haiti my country

Poems by Haitian schoolchildren

by (author) Roge

The Bootlegger Blues

by (author) Drew Hayden Taylor

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