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ECW Press

Books from this publisher

Nobody from Somewhere

A Crime Novel

by (author) Dietrich Kalteis

The Punishing Journey of Arthur Delaney

A Novel

by (author) Bob Kroll

Inside the Montreal Mafia

The Confessions of Andrew Scoppa

by (author) Félix Séguin & Eric Thibault

In for a Dime

A Novel

by (author) John Jantunen

Woman, Watching

Louise de Kiriline Lawrence and the Songbirds of Pimisi Bay

by (author) Merilyn Simonds

Fishing With Tardelli

A Memoir of Family in Time Lost

by (author) Neil Besner

The Sisters Sputnik

A Novel

by (author) Terri Favro

Play It Right

The Remarkable Story of a Gambler Who Beat the Odds on Wall Street

by (author) Kamal Gupta

Help! I’m Alive

A Novel

by (author) Gurjinder Basran

Hearts on Fire

Six Years that Changed Canadian Music 2000–2005

by (author) Michael Barclay

What Is Written on the Tongue

A Novel

by (author) Anne Lazurko

The Meaning of Metallica

Ride the Lyrics

by (author) William Irwin

Team Chemistry

30 Elements for Coaches to Foster Cohesion, Strengthen Communication Skills, and Create a Healthy Sport Culture

by (author) André Lachance & Jean François Ménard

Fifty-Four Pigs

A Dr. Bannerman Vet Mystery

by (author) Philipp Schott

Driven: Rush in the ’90s and “In the End”

by (author) Martin Popoff

The Invisible World Is in Decline Book IX

by (author) Bruce Whiteman

Clockwork Destiny

by (author) Kevin J. Anderson & Neil Peart

The Book of Grief and Hamburgers

by (author) Stuart Ross

Quiet Night Think

Poems & Essays

by (author) Gillian Sze

This Is Your Captain Speaking

Stories from the Flight Deck

by (author) Doug Morris

Change for Good

An Action-Oriented Approach for Businesses to Benefit from Solving the World's Most Urgent Social Problems

by (author) Paul Klein

Still Hopeful

Lessons from a Lifetime of Activism

by (author) Maude Barlow


Comment les entrepreneurs et innovateurs canadiens surmontent l'adversité et changent le monde

by (author) Drew Kergommeaux
foreword by Arlene Dickinson


How Canadian Entrepreneurs and Innovators Overcome Adversity and Change the World

by (author) Drew Kergommeaux
foreword by Arlene Dickinson

The Eighth Wonder of the World

The True Story of André the Giant

by (author) Bertrand Hébert & Pat Laprade
with Tony Stabile

The Truth You’re Told

A Crime Novel

by (author) Michael J. Clark

The Donnellys: Massacre, Trial and Aftermath, 1880–1916


by (author) John Little

The Donnellys: Powder Keg, 1840–1880


by (author) John Little

Under an Outlaw Moon

A Novel

by (author) Dietrich Kalteis

I’ll See You in My Dreams

An Arthur Beauchamp Novel

by (author) William Deverell

Kill All the Judges

An Arthur Beauchamp Novel

by (author) William Deverell

Snow Job

An Arthur Beauchamp Novel

by (author) William Deverell

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