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Demeter Press

Books from this publisher

Missing the Mark?

Women and the Millennium Development Goals in Africa and Oceania

edited by Naomi McPherson

Mothering in Marginalized Contexts

Narratives of Women Who Mother in and through Domestic Violence

by (author) Caroline McDonald-Harker

On Mothering Multiples

Complexities and Possibilities

edited by Kathy Mantas


Sexual Politics and Postcolonial Worlds

by (author) Tara Atluri

Screening Motherhood in Contemporary World Cinema

edited by Asma Sayed

Doulas and Intimate Labour

Boundaries, Bodies, and Birth

edited by Angela Castañeda & Julie Johnson Searcy

What’s Cooking, Mom?

Narratives about Food and Family

edited by Florence Pasche Guignard & Tanya M. Cassidy

Natal Signs

Cultural Representations of Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting

edited by Nadya Burton

Essential Breakthroughs

Conversations about Men, Mothers and Mothering

edited by Fiona Joy Green & Gary Lee Pelletier

The Mother-Blame Game

edited by Vanessa Reimer & Sarah Sahagian

Reading/Speaking/Writing the Mother Text

Essays on Caribbean Women’s Writing

edited by Cristina Herrera & Paula Sanmartín

Looking for Ashley

e-reading What the Smith Case Reveals about the Governance of Girls, Mothers and Families in Canada

by (author) Rebecca Jaremko Bromwich

Black Motherhood(s)

edited by Karen T. Craddock

Mothers Under Fire

Mothering in Conflict Areas

by (author) Tatjana Takeva & Arlene Sgoutas

Mothers, Mothering and Sex Work

edited by Rebecca Bromwich & Monique Marie Dejong

This Is What a Feminist Slut Looks Like

Perspectives on the SlutWalk Movement

edited by Alyssa Teekah, Erika Jane Scholz, May Friedman & Andrea O’Reilly


Telling Stories and Storytelling African Maternal Pedagogies

by (author) Adwoa Ntozake Onuora

Maternal Theory

Essential Readings

by (author) Andrea O’Reilly

Milk Fever

by (author) Lissa M. Cowan

What We Hold In Our Hands

by (author) Kim Aubrey

Fresh Hell

Motherhood in Pieces

by (author) Carellin Brooks

Criminalized Mothers, Criminalizing Mothering

edited by Joanne Minaker & Bryan Hogeveen

Intensive Mothering

The Cultural Contradictions of Modern Motherhood

edited by Linda Rose Ennis

Performing Motherhood

Artistic, Activist, and Everyday Enactments

edited by Amber E. Kinser, Kryn Freehling-Burton & Terri Hawkes

Mothers of the Nations

Indigenous Mothering as Global Resistance, Reclaiming and Recovery

edited by Dawn Memee Lavell-Harvard & Kim Anderson

Not Exactly As Planned

A Memoir of Adoption, Secrets and Abiding Love

by (author) Linda Rosenbaum

Queering Motherhood

Narrative and Theoretical Perspectives

edited by Margaret F. Gibson

Patricia Hill Collins

Reconceiving Motherhood

edited by Kaila Adia Story

Counting on Marilyn Waring

New Advances in Feminist Economics Second Edition

edited by Margunn Bjørnholt & Ailsa McKay

Borrowed Body

by (author) Valerie Mason-John

Chasing Rainbows

Exploring Gender Fluid Parenting Practices

edited by Fiona J. Green & May Friedman

Mothers, Mothering and Motherhood Across Cultural Differences

A Reader

edited by Andrea O’Reilly

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