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Books from this publisher

The Cuffer Anthology, Volume IV

A Selection of Short Fiction from Newfoundland and Labrador

edited by Pam Frampton

The Cuffer Anthology, Volume III

A Selection of Short Fiction from Newfoundland and Labrador

edited by Pam Frampton

Heroes & Rogues

and the Story of Heart's Content

by (author) Ted Rowe

Hurricane Igor

by (author) The Telegram & Transcontinental

Cuffer Anthology Volume II

A Selection of Short Fiction

edited by Pam Frampton


by (author) Darren Hynes


by (artist) Kevin Tobin

Punishing Ugly Children

by (author) Darryl Joel Berger

Devil You Don't Know, The

by (author) Joel Hynes & Sherry White

Hammered by the Waves

A Young Frenchman's Sojourn in Newfoundland in 1882-83

edited by Robin McGrath
by (author) Henri de la Chaume
translated by James McGrath

Blue Ice

The Sealing Adventures of Artist George Noseworthy

by (author) Daphne Noseworthy

Chain Locker, The

by (author) Robert Chaulk

Uncommon Clay

The Labradoria Mural

by (author) Dorrie Brown

Pipeline of Dreams

Newfoundland to Fort McMurray

by (author) Randy Edison

There's A GOLDFISH In My Shoe!

by (author) Valerie Sherrard
illustrated by David Jardine

Poppy and Allie

by (author) Lori Lane & Kathy Winsor

Rants, Riffs and Roars

The World According to Berni Stapleton

by (author) Berni Stapleton

Forward Thinking

The Danny Cleary Story

by (author) Brendan McCarthy

Grit and the Courage, The

Stories of Success in an Unforgiving Land, Volume I

by (author) Steve Bartlett

Collision at Dawn

and Other Thrilling Stories of the Sea

by (author) Robert Parsons

Watching the Road

by (author) Lee Stringer


by (author) Kate Story

For The Moment

A Memoir of Survival

by (author) Bob Wakeham

More Than a Mountain

One Woman's Everest

by (author) T.A. Loeffler

Cooking with Beer

Newfoundland and Labrador Favorites

by (author) Gerry Crewe

People's Road Revisited, The

by (author) Wade Kearley

Life on Wheels in Latin America, A

by (author) Martin Lobigs


by (author) Michelle Butler Hallett

Noble to Our View

Sage of St. Bonaventures College, The

by (author) J.B. Darcy

shadow side of grace, The

by (author) Michelle Butler Hallett

Rock Stars

Team Gushue's Road to Gold

by (author) Robin Short

Saltfish and Shmattes

A History of the Jews in NL

by (author) Robin McGrath

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