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Conundrum Press

Books from this publisher


by (artist) Jonathan Dyck

The Weakly Dispatch

by (artist) Rick Trembles

Take the Long Way Home

by (artist) Jon Claytor

Next Time Around

by (artist) Billy Mavreas

The Man Who Walked Through Walls

by (artist) Obom
translated by Helge Dascher


by (artist) Henriette Valium

Swan Song

illustrated by Sonja Ahlers

Shiatsung Project, The

by (author) Brigitte Archambeault
translated by Aleshia Jensen


by (author) Genevieve Lebleu


by (artist) Graeme Shorten Adams


by (artist) Alison McCreesh

Dying for Attention

A Graphic Memoir of Nursing Home Care

illustrated by Susan MacLeod


by (author) Stanley Wany

The Water Lover

by (artist) Patrick Allaby

Day Old

by (artist) Joe Ollman

Gift, The

by (author) Zoe Maeve

Pleasure of the Text, The

by (author) Sami Alwani

Pizza Punks

by (author) Cole Pauls

Represented Immobilized

by (author) Rick Trembles

To Know You're Alive

by (author) Dakota McFadzean

North to Crying Rock

by (author) Gerald Richardson Brown

Nova Graphica

edited by Laura Kenins
by (artist) Rebecca Roher
by (author) Kris Bertin

Unknown, The

by (author) Anna Sommer
translated by Helge Dascher

Langosh & Peppi

Fugitive Days

by (author) Veronica Post


Promoter Gary Topp Brought us the World

by (author) David Collier

The Dripping Boat

by (author) Julian Lawrence

Art Life

by (author) Catherine Ocelot
translated by Aleshia Jensen

Cursed Hermit, The

by (author) Kris Bertin
by (artist) Alexander Forbes

Nothing to See Here

by (author) Howard Chackowicz

Martin Peters

by (author) Patrick Allaby


by (author) Sherwin Tjia

This is Serious

Canadian Indie Comics

edited by Joe Ollmann, Alana Traficante & Art Gallery of Hamilton
introduction by Jeet Heer

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