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Conundrum Press

Books from this publisher

Just Happy to See You

by (artist) Shea Proulx


by (artist) Jillian Fleck

Food School

by (artist) Jade Armstrong

Degrees of Separation

A Decade North of 60

by (artist) Alison McCreesh

Hot to Trot

by (artist) Veronica Post

Classification Crisis

by (artist) Sonja Ahlers

Bad Medicine

by (artist) Christopher Twin

Only a Slender Internal Connection

by (artist) Xiaoxiao Li

Bar Delicious

by (artist) Blaise Moritz

Between Gentlemen

by (artist) Rupert Bottenberg

What's Fear Got to Do With It?

by (artist) Ivana Filipovich

My Neighbour's Bikini

by (artist) Jimmy Beaulieu

July Underwater

by (artist) Zoe Maeve

Witness My Shame

Bookworks and Drawings

by (artist) Shari Boyle

Martin Peters

by (artist) Patrick Allaby

Moon Boots

Chronicles of a Country Crooner

by (artist) Lorenz Peter

Post-Modern Mini-Comics

by (artist) Colin Upton

Partum Me

by (artist) Natalie Pendergast

Kettle Harbour

by (artist) Kyle Vingoe-Cram


by (artist) Chris W. Kim


by (artist) Nina Bunjevac


by (artist) Cole Pauls

We Were Younger Once

by (artist) Kiona Callihoo-Ligtvoet

Call Me Bill

by (artist) Lynette Rchards
introduction by Emily Burton

Sasha Strong

by (artist) Kim Edgar


by (artist) Elisabeth Belliveau

The Man Who Walked Through Walls

by (artist) Obom
translated by Helge Dascher

The Weakly Dispatch

by (artist) Rick Trembles


by (artist) Jonathan Dyck

Next Time Around

by (artist) Billy Mavreas

Take the Long Way Home

by (artist) Jon Claytor


by (artist) Henriette Valium

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