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Canadian Scholars' Press Inc.

Books from this publisher


Health Determinants of Indigenous, Inner-City, and Migrant Populations in Canada

edited by Akshaya Neil Arya & Thomas Piggott

Introduction to Health Informatics

A Canadian Perspective

by (author) Christo El Morr

Unsettling Activisms

Critical Interventions on Aging, Gender, and Social Change

edited by May Chazan, Melissa Baldwin & Pat Evans

Understanding Project Management

A Practical Guide

by (author) Dave C. Barrett

Ethics and Canadian Law Enforcement

by (author) Richard Parent & Catherine Parent

Indigenous Research

Theories, Practices, and Relationships

edited by Deborah McGregor, Jean-Paul Restoule & Rochelle Johnston

Fundamentals of the Psychiatric Mental Health Status Examination

A Workbook

by (author) Cheryl Webster Pollard

Strategic Communication in Canada

Planning Effective PR Campaigns

by (author) Bernard Gauthier

Mentors Among Us

Cases in the Human Services

by (author) Melissa Rothwell & Kelly Mazerolle

Media Literacy for Citizenship

A Canadian Perspective

by (author) Kirsten Kozolanka & Paul Orlowski

Youth in Conflict with the Law, Fourth Edition

by (author) Denise Whitehead & Mark Hunter

Canadian Curriculum Studies

A Métissage of Inspiration/Imagination/Interconnection

edited by Erika Hasebe-Ludt & Carl Leggo

Educators on Diversity, Social Justice, and Schooling

A Reader

edited by Sonya E. Singer & Mary Jane Harkins

Untold Stories

A Canadian Disability History Reader

edited by Nancy Hansen, Roy Hanes & Diane Driedger

The Drug Paradox

An Introduction to the Sociology of Psychoactive Substances in Canada

by (author) Tara L. Bruno & Rick Csiernik

Gender and Women's Studies, Second Edition

Critical Terrain

edited by Margaret Hobbs & Carla Rice

Academic Writing, Third Edition

The Complete Guide

by (author) Pamela den Ouden & Steven Roe

Determinants of Indigenous Peoples' Health, Second Edition

Beyond the Social

edited by Margo Greenwood, Sarah de Leeuw & Nicole Marie Lindsay

From Flappers to Rappers

The Origins, Evolution, and Demise of Youth Culture

by (author) Marcel Danesi

Race and Racialization, Second Edition

Essential Readings

edited by Tania Das Gupta, Carl E. James, Roger C.A. Maaka, Grace-Edward Galabuzi & Chris Andersen

Population Health in Canada

Issues, Research, and Action

edited by Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, Ronald Labonte, Corinne Packer & Vivien Runnels

Family Matters, Third Edition

An Introduction to Family Sociology in Canada

by (author) Barbara A. Mitchell

An Introduction to Global Health, Third Edition

by (author) Michael Seear & Obidimma Ezezika

Health Promotion in Canada, Fourth Edition

New Perspectives on Theory, Practice, Policy, and Research

edited by Irving Rootman, Ann Pederson, Katherine Frohlich & Sophie Dupéré

Youth in Conflict with the Law, Third Edition

by (author) Paul Maxim & Paul C. Whitehead

The First Nations of Ontario

Social and Historical Transitions

by (author) Edward J. Hedican

Reimagining Anti-Oppression Social Work Research

edited by Henry Parada & Samantha Wehbi

Reimagining Anti-Oppression Social Work Practice

edited by Samantha Wehbi & Henry Parada

La traduction

Un pont de départ

by (author) Kerry Lappin-Fortin

Challenging Stories

Canadian Literature for Social Justice in the Classroom

edited by Anne Burke, Ingrid Johnston & Angela Ward

Public Policy and Canadian Nursing

Lessons from the Field

by (author) Michael J. Villeneuve

Research Literacy for Health and Community Practice

by (author) Sonya Jakubec & Barbara Astle

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