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Book Lists

A Hyphenated Existence: Richness and Challenge

**This is a list by Silmy Abdullah, whose fiction debut is HOME OF THE FLOATING LILY** I’ve been a migrant for as long as I can remember. All my life, I have grappled with the notions of borders, boundaries and belonging. I left my country of birth Bangladesh at the age of one and moved to Saudi Arabia, where I spent twelve years of my life. Thereafter, my family and I immigrated to Canada. As a Bangladeshi Canadian Muslim woman, the search for home is an integral part of my existence. For this reason, I’ve not only been interested in writing stories about the immigrant experience, but also reading them. Books that portray the richness and challenges of a hyphenated existence, that explore the questions of identity and belonging have always fascinated me and comforted me. Through them, I have felt less alone. Here are some books by Canadian authors that I have personally enjoyed and have been moved by.

by Kerry Clare