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Book Lists

2021 Saskatchewan Book Awards Shortlists

“We are celebrating 28 years of excellence in writing and publishing in Saskatchewan,” says SBA Executive Director Kam Teo. “Once again, we are very proud of this year’s nominees which reflect the diversity of our authors and publishers.” Learn more at

by Kerry Clare · Tagged book awards 2021, saskatchewan

Flat Out Delicious

Your Definitive Guide to Saskatchewan’s Food Artisans

by (author) Jenn Sharp
photographs by Richard Marjan

Tiny Ruins

by (author) Nicole Haldoupis

The Burden of Gravity

by (author) Shannon McConnell

Nutaui's Cap

by (author) Bob Bartel
illustrated by Mary Ann Penashue

Genocidal Love

A Life after Residential School

by (author) Bevann Fox

Loss of Indigenous Eden and the Fall of Spirituality

by (author) Blair Stonechild

A Radiant Life

The Honourable Sylvia Fedoruk / Scientist, Sports Icon, and Stateswoman

by (author) Merle Massie

In Search of Almighty Voice

Resistance and Reconciliation

by (author) Bill Waiser


by (author) Gillian Harding-Russell

Field Notes for the Self

by (author) Randy Lundy

The Vivian Poems

by (author) Bruce Rice

The Next Instalment

Serials, Sequels, and Adaptations of Nellie L. McClung, L.M. Montgomery, and Mazo de la Roche

by (author) Wendy Roy

If Sylvie Had Nine Lives

by (author) Leona Theis

Purchasing Power

Women and the Rise of Canadian Consumer Culture

by (author) Donica Belisle

The Diamond House

by (author) Dianne Warren

Narrows of Fear


by (author) Carol Rose GoldenEagle

Cry Wolf

Inquest into the True Nature of a Predator

by (author) Harold R. Johnson


A Novel

by (author) Miriam Körner

Because of that Crow

by (author) Beverley Brenna

The Gamer's Guide to Getting the Girl

by (author) Kristine Scarrow

The Unlocking Season

A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery

by (author) Gail Bowen

The Teller from the Tale

by (author) Ven Begamudre

Nature's Broken Clocks

Reimagining Time in the Face of the Environmental Crisis

by (author) Paul Huebener

Uncertain Harvest

The Future of Food on a Warming Planet

by (author) Ian Mosby, Sarah Rotz & Evan D.G. Fraser

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