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2020 Atlantic Book Awards Shortlists

The Atlantic Book Awards Society is pleased to announce the shortlists for the thirteen different book prizes that make up the 2020 Atlantic Book Awards. The nominated titles represent a wide range of books from Atlantic Canada—everything from poetry to illustrated children’s books to adult fiction and non-fiction. The full shortlist of nominated titles is printed below and is available at

by Kerry Clare · Tagged atlantic canada, 2020 awards, atlantic book awards

A Dark House

And Other Stories

by (author) Ian Colford


by (author) Terry Doyle

Nosy White Woman

by (author) Martha Wilson

EveryBody's Different on EveryBody Street

by (author) Sheree Fitch
illustrated by Emma FitzGerald

A World Below

by (author) Wesley King

I'm Finding My Talk

by (author) Rebecca Thomas
illustrated by Pauline Young

Almost Feral

by (author) Gemma Hickey

I Lost My Talk

by (author) Rita Joe
illustrated by Pauline Young

The Wake

The Deadly Legacy of a Newfoundland Tsunami

by (author) Linden MacIntyre

Truth and Conviction

Donald Marshall Jr. and the Mi'kmaw Quest for Justice

by (author) L. Jane McMillan

Listening for the Dead Bells

by (author) Marian Bruce

As British as the King

Lunenburg County During the First World War

by (author) Gerald Hallowell

"Dangerous Enemy Sympathizers"

Canadian Internment Camp B, 1940-1945

by (author) Andrew Theobald

Daughter of Family G

A Memoir of Cancer Genes, Love and Fate

by (author) Ami McKay

Mayann Francis

An Honourable Life

by (author) Mayann Francis

Hell and Damnation

A Sinner's Guide to Eternal Torment

by (author) Marq de Villiers

The Difference

by (author) Marina Endicott

Broken Symmetry

by (author) Rosalie Osmond


by (author) Amy Spurway

Year of the Metal Rabbit

by (author) Tammy Armstrong


by (author) Anne Compton

Belated Bris of the Brainsick

by (author) Lucas Crawford

Peg Bearskin

A traditional Newfoundland tale

by (author) Philip Dinn & Andy Jones
illustrated by Elly Cohen

Small in the City

illustrated by Sydney Smith

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