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Book Lists

2018 Willow Finalists

Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice Awards is a volunteer-run, non-profit, registered charity begun in 2001. The mission of SYRCA – Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice Awards – The Willow Awards, Inc. is to promote reading and celebrate Canadian literature. Each year, Saskatchewan children and youth vote for Willow Award recipients from finalists nominated in three award categories. The three categories were established to encourage participation by all children, regardless of the level at which they are reading. They include: The Shining Willow Award for books written for young readers The Diamond Willow Award for books written for upper elementary readers in grades 4 to 6 The Snow Willow Award for books written for readers in grades 7 & up Participation in the Willow Awards is free to Saskatchewan children and youth. They may vote for their favourite book in any category in which they have read the minimum number of books required. Individuals may vote. Teachers, librarians or teacher-librarians can submit tallies of votes made in their buildings.

by Kerry Clare · Tagged willow awards, 49th kids, middle grade, young adult, award nominees

Branch, The

by (author) Mireille Messier
illustrated by Pierre Pratt

Carson Crosses Canada

by (author) Linda Bailey
illustrated by Kass Reich

Horse Named Steve, A

illustrated by Kelly Collier

Malaika’s Costume

by (author) Nadia L. Hohn & Irene Luxbacher

Underneath the Sidewalk

by (author) Claire Eamer
illustrated by Thomas Gibault

When Planet Earth Was New

A Short History of Our Planet’s Long Journey

by (author) James Gladstone
illustrated by Katherine Diemert

When the Trees Crackle with Cold: A Cree Calendar (hard cover)


by (author) Bernice Johnson-Laxdal
illustrated by Miriam Körner

When We Were Alone

by (author) David A. Robertson
illustrated by Julie Flett

Where Will I Live?

by (author) Rosemary McCarney

Adventure on Whalebone Island

by (author) Michael A. Wilson

The Bonaventure Adventures

by (author) Rachelle Delaney

Half-Truths and Brazen Lies

An Honest Look at Lying

by (author) Kira Vermond & Clayton Hanmer

Hannah And The Magic Eye

From Residential Schools to Bank Vaults to Grain Elevators

by (author) Tyler Enfield

Kings of the Court

by (author) Alison Hughes

Mary Anning's Curiosity

by (author) Monica Kulling
illustrated by Melissa Castrillon

The Tragic Tale of the Great Auk

illustrated by Jan Thornhill


by (author) Shane Arbuthnott

Hit the Ground Running

by (author) Alison Hughes

Optimists Die First

by (author) Susin Nielsen

Short for Chameleon

by (author) Vicki Grant

The Skeleton Tree

by (author) Iain Lawrence

Summer's End

by (author) Joel A. Sutherland

The Valiant

by (author) Lesley Livingston

The Winnowing

by (author) Vikki VanSickle