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Book Lists

Summer 2017 Reading from Brick Books

We’re guessing that when you think “beach reading,” poetry isn’t usually the first thing that springs to mind. This is a list of Brick Books titles to prove you wrong: novel-like, narrative-driven book-length poems to lose yourself in this summer, from Canada’s only press that specializes in publishing poetry books. | The Banquet of Donny & Ari by Naomi Guttman | Careen by Carolyn Smart | Everything, now by Jessica Moore | Girlwood by Jennifer Still | The Grey Islands by John Steffler | Hard Light by Michael Crummey | I see my love more clearly from a distance by Nora Gould | Lake of Two Mountains by Arleen Pare | The Luskville Reductions by Monty Reid | Pale as Real Ladies: Poems for Pauline Johnson by Joan Crate | A Really Good Brown Girl by Marilyn Dumont | Riffs by Dennis Lee | Tell Them It Was Mozart by Angeline Schellenberg | Two Tragedies in 429 Breaths by Susan Paddon

by Kitty Lewis · Tagged summer reading