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Storms, Swamps, Woods & More: Kids' Nature Books

This summer, kids across Canada will be exploring new habitats—whether across the country or just outside their city limits. This is a list of books to help them understand what they're seeing and experiencing, from trees to storms to swamps. In Part 2, we'll turn to the fauna side of things.

by Kiley Turner · Tagged botany, kids, nature, flora

Canada Close Up: Canada's Trees

by (author) Elizabeth MacLeod

Who Needs a Swamp?

A Wetland Ecosystem

by (author) Karen Patkau

Cool Woods

A Trip around the World's Boreal Forest

by (author) Jane Drake & Ann Love
illustrated by Andrew Kiss


The Renewal of a Forest

by (author) Celia Godkin

Explore Water!

25 Great Projects, Activities, Experiments

by (author) Anita Yasuda
illustrated by Bryan Stone

Branching Out

How Trees Are Part of Our World

by (author) Joan Marie Galat
drawings by Wendy Ding


Looking at Beaches and Coral Reefs, Tides and Currents, Sea Mammals and Fish, Seaweeds and Other Ocean Wonders

by (author) Adrienne Mason
illustrated by Elizabeth Gatt & David Denning

Hook, Line and Sinker

Everything Kids Want to Know About Fishing!

by (author) Italo Labignan
illustrated by Jock MacRae

Kids Canadian Plant Book, The

by (author) Pamela Hickman
illustrated by Heather Collins


Discovering Arctic Ecology

by (author) Mia Pelletier
illustrated by Sara Otterstatter

Tree of Life

The Incredible Biodiversity of Life on Earth

by (author) Rochelle Strauss
illustrated by Margot Thompson

Who Needs an Iceberg?

An Arctic Ecosystem

by (author) Karen Patkau

Be a Wilderness Detective

by (author) Peggy Kochanoff

Nowhere Else on Earth

Standing Tall for the Great Bear Rainforest

by (author) Caitlyn Vernon

A Walk on the Tundra

by (author) Rebecca Hainnu & Anna Ziegler
illustrated by Qin Leng


Giving Nature a Second Chance

by (author) Ann Love & Jane Drake

Be a Night Detective

Solving the Mysteries of Twilight, Dusk, and Nightfall

by (author) Peggy Kochanoff

Capelin Weather

by (author) Lori Doody

Stories of the Aurora

The Myths and Facts of the Northern Lights

by (author) Joan Marie Galat
illustrated by Lorna Bennett

Seasonal Cycles

Inuktitut Edition

by (author) Nadia Mike

Do Fish Fart?

Answers to Kids' Questions About Lakes

by (author) Keltie Thomas
illustrated by Deryk Ouseley