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Museum Books

Books about Canadian Museums across the country, exploring collections and interrogating what museums and archives mean.

by Kerry Clare · Tagged museum, archive, history

Every Object Has a Story

Extraordinary Canadians Celebrate the Royal Ontario Museum

by (author) The Royal Ontario Museum

Astounding ABC

by (author) Aga Khan Museum

Inside the Museums

Toronto's Heritage Sites and Their Most Prized Objects

by (author) John Goddard

90 Treasures, 90 Stories, 90 Years

McCord Museum

edited by Cynthia Cooper & Nicole Vallieres

30 Objects 30 Insights

Gardiner Museum

edited by Rachel Gotlieb & Karine Tsoumis

Miracle at the Forks

The Museum that Dares Make a Difference

by (author) Peter C. Newman & Allan Levine

This Is Our Life

Haida Material Heritage and Changing Museum Practice

by (author) Cara Krmpotich, Laura Peers & the Haida Repatriation Committee and staff of the Pitt Rivers Museum and British Museum

Inside Hamilton's Museums

by (author) John Goddard

Museums and the Past

Constructing Historical Consciousness

edited by Viviane Gosselin & Phaedra Livingstone

Family Ties

Living History in Canadian House Museums

by (author) Andrea Terry

Montreal's Other Museums

Off the Beaten Track

by (author) Rachelle Alkallay

Time Travel

Tourism and the Rise of the Living History Museum in Mid-Twentieth-Century Canada

by (author) Alan Gordon

Curatorial Dreams

Critics Imagine Exhibitions

edited by Shelley Butler & Erica Lehrer

Exhibiting Nation

Multicultural Nationalism (and Its Limits) in Canada’s Museums

by (author) Caitlin Gordon-Walker

Visiting With the Ancestors

Blackfoot Shirts in Museum Spaces

by (author) Laura Peers & Alison K. Brown

Spaces and Places for Art

Making Art Institutions in Western Canada, 1912-1990

by (author) Anne Whitelaw

Treasuring the Tradition

The Story of the Military Museums

by (author) Jeff Keshen
with David Bercuson

Craigdarroch Castle in 21 Treasures

by (author) Moira Dann

The Idea of a Human Rights Museum

contributions by Karen Busby, Adam Muller, Andrew Woolford, Jennifer Carter, Clint Curle, Angela Failler, Helen Fallding, Jodi Giesbrecht, Amanda Grzyb, George Jacob, Stephen Jaeger, A. Dirk Moses, Jorge A. Nállim, Ken Norman, Armando Perla, David Petrasek, Ruth B. Phillips, Christopher Powell, Mary Reid, Roger I. Simon & Struan Sinclair

Voluntary Detours

Small-Town and Rural Museums in Alberta

by (author) Lianne McTavish