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Book Lists

Laurier Poetry Series

Slim volumes of poetry from Canadian poets with a critical introduction and an afterword by the poet (if living).

by Clare Hitchens · Tagged poetry, canlit

Before the First Word

The Poetry of Lorna Crozier

by (author) Lorna Crozier
edited by Catherine Hunter

All These Roads

The Poetry of Louis Dudek

by (author) Louis Dudek
edited by Karis Shearer
afterword by Frank Davey

Blues and Bliss

The Poetry of George Elliott Clarke

by (author) George Elliott Clarke
edited by Jon Paul Fiorentino

By Word of Mouth

The Poetry of Dennis Cooley

by (author) Dennis Cooley
edited by Nicole Markotic

Children of the Outer Dark

The Poetry of Christopher Dewdney

by (author) Christopher Dewdney
edited by Karl E. Jirgens

Desire Never Leaves

The Poetry of Tim Lilburn

edited by Alison Calder
by (author) Tim Lilburn

Earthly Pages

The Poetry of Don Domanski

by (author) Don Domanski
edited by Brian Bartlett

Fierce Departures

The Poetry of Dionne Brand

by (author) Dionne Brand
edited by Leslie C. Sanders

Field Marks

The Poetry of Don McKay

by (author) Don McKay
edited by Meira Cook

From Room to Room

The Poetry of Eli Mandel

by (author) Eli Mandel
edited by Peter Webb
afterword by Andrew Stubbs

Leaving the Shade of the Middle Ground

The Poetry of F.R. Scott

by (author) F.R. Scott
edited by Laura Moss
afterword by George Elliott Clarke

Mobility of Light

The Poetry of Nicole Brossard

by (author) Nicole Brossard
edited by Louise H. Forsyth

Plans Deranged by Time

The Poetry of George Fetherling

by (author) George Fetherling
edited by A.F. Moritz

Please, No More Poetry

The Poetry of derek beaulieu

by (author) Derek Beaulieu & Kit Dobson

Speaking of Power

The Poetry of Di Brandt

by (author) Di Brandt
edited by Tanis MacDonald

The Crisp Day Closing on My Hand

The Poetry of M. Travis Lane

by (author) M. Travis Lane
edited by Jeanette Lynes

The False Laws of Narrative

The Poetry of Fred Wah

by (author) Fred Wah
edited by Louis Cabri

Verse and Worse

Selected and New Poems of Steve McCaffery 1989-2009

by (author) Steve McCaffery
edited by Darren Wershler

The More Easily Kept Illusions

The Poetry of Al Purdy

by (author) Al Purdy
edited by Robert Budde
afterword by Russell Morton Brown


The Poetry of Daphne Marlatt

by (author) Daphne Marlatt
edited by Susan Knutson

The Order in Which We Do Things

The Poetry of Tom Wayman

by (author) Tom Wayman
edited by Owen Percy

Chamber Music

The Poetry of Jan Zwicky

by (author) Jan Zwicky
edited by Darren Bifford & Warren Heiti


Selected and New Poetry of Paul Dutton

by (author) Paul Dutton
edited by Gary Barwin

Guthrie Clothing

The Poetry of Phil Hall, a Selected Collage

by (author) Phil Hall
introduction by rob mclennan