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Brick Books and New Generation of Canadian Poets

Thanks to 49th Shelf for compiling their wonderful list of the New Generation of Canadian Poets who published first books since 2000!! Brick Books has published 21 first books and I thought it would be fun to highlight these. One quick note - Goran Simic had published extensively before moving to Canada in 1995 -- Brick Books published his first poetry collection in Canada in 2000 so we include Immigrant Blues in our list. And we also include Introduction to the Introduction to Wang Wei, a first book by the writing group Pain Not Bread (composed of Roo Borson, Kim Maltman and Andy Patton). Enjoy!! And it is November 2014 now and I am adding 4 books to this list - first books by Joanna Lilley, Susan Paddon, Kate Cayley and Arleen Paré. Lake of Two Mountains by Arleen Paré is her first full poetry collection; her first book Paper Trail contained a mixture of poetry and prose.

by Kitty Lewis · Tagged first books, poetry, Brick Books

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