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The David Gilmour Book Club

This list has been kindly shared by its creator at, who writes: David Gilmour is a Canadian author and lecturer at the University of Toronto. As you may have heard, he doesn’t seem to like fiction written by women, Canadians, or the Chinese. As a Chinese-Canadian woman writer, I don’t like David Gilmour. Inspired by his diverse and generous spirit, I researched this list of Canadian women writers of East/Southeast Asian descent. I had originally intended for it to be a list of Chinese-Canadian women novelists, but there are shockingly/depressingly few of those, and I had to broaden the scope considerably in order to come up with the respectable number of 52 – a year’s worth of reading. The works below range from poetry to short story collections to novels, and they differ widely in tone, content, and intended audience. Where I was familiar with an author, I chose my favourite work of hers. Where I wasn’t familiar with an author, I chose what appeared to be her most prominent (or in many cases, only) work. I have liked some of those I’ve read and not others, but I make no representations about the quality of any of them – obviously, caveat emptor. I hope that this list is helpful when you are a)searching for ways in your life to be less like David Gilmour and more like someone who is not an asshole, and/or b)you are looking to read some fiction that is not written by a contemplative white person about some other contemplative white people. Enjoy.

by Kerry Clare · Tagged chinese canadian authors

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