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Great Literary Drunks (List by Billie Livingston)

In AA they say that the definition of an alcoholic is an egomaniac with an insecurity complex and, from my observation, that’s an accurate description. It’s also what makes alcoholics such compelling characters to write about. Growing up in my family, it seemed you couldn’t throw a slice of cold pizza without hitting a drunk and they’ve been staggering through my stories ever since. Here, in no particular order, are a few writers who have a way with the drunken mind. **Billie Livingston is a fiction writer and poet who lives in Vancouver, B.C. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, she grew up in Toronto and Vancouver, and has since lived in Tokyo, Hamburg, Munich and London, England. Her first employment was filling the dairy coolers in a Mac’s Milk. She went on to work varying lengths of time as a file clerk, receptionist, cocktail waitress, model, actor, chocolate sampler and booth host at a plumber’s convention. Her first novel, Going Down Swinging was received as a brilliant debut. Billie’s second novel, Cease to Blush, which drew on a few experiences from her career as a model and actor, was a Globe & Mail Best Book. Her short story collection, Greedy Little Eyes was also a Globe & Mail Best Book and was the winner of the Danuta Gleed Award as well the CBC's inaugural Bookie Prize for short fiction.

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