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Monica Parker is an actor, writer, and producer in theatre, television, and film, most notably All Dogs Go to Heaven. She was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland until the age of thirteen when she immigrated with her parents to Toronto, Canada.  Monica is currently starring in her insightful and funny one woman show, Sex, Pies & A Few White Lies which premiered in 2010.  Monica has just completed two features already under option, and has a recurring role on SciFy's Defiance. Monica lives with her long-time husband and saint, Gilles.

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Getting Waisted

Getting Waisted

A Survival Guide to Being Fat in a Society That Loves Thin
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How Children See God
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Who Is God?
(That's the question I set out to answer, only to discover there are so many answers and even more questions.)


God is a spirit.
—Layla, 8; Olivia, 8; Adrian, 3


God is a girl.
—Isabella, 4


God is the King of the World.
—Kelly, 9


God is the creator of earth.
—Saskia, 12; Eli, 12


God is the Lord, the Creator.
—Zoe, 10


God is the guy who created the world.
—Ari, 8


God is the person who created the universe.
—Maddi, 8


God is a holy man that makes planets and the world.
—Angel, 6


I have no idea. But gods are good guys.
—Daphne, 6


God is someone who died a long time ago and he owns heaven and he's very kind to let people go there. 
—Maude Rose, 9


God is God!
—James, 8


God is my dad.
—Josiah, 7


God is someone that listens to me, someone that is always there.
—Katrina, 11


God is like a king only better.
—Alex, 7


Grandma is God.
—Piper, 5


I think God is a big hug that goes all around the world.
—Liam, 5


I believe that God is everything. He is our ruler, he is our father, and he is our friend.
—Stephany, 12


God is love.
—Xainyia, 7


God is a really, really famous spirit.
—Leo, 5


He's a man or a woman.
—Kaela, 8¾


I think God is a myth. I like myths like unicorns or dragons, and I like him.
—Jonny 7¾


God is a grownup. And he absolutely loves people. He doesn't like people that fight. Neither does Santa or Jesus!
—Liam, 5


He is a person who looks over us making sure nothing is getting out of hand! However he cannot stop things from happening, but rather he hopes for the best.
—Olivia, 11


God is my best friend.
—Joshuah, 11


God is like an umbrella that protects people from bad things. Like an insurance company.


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