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Réal Fillion

Dr. Réal Fillion, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sudbury, specializes in Contemporary French Philosophy; Ethics; and Philosophy of History. In addition to his teaching and research, he sits on various boards and committees, for example, he is a member of the University of Sudbury Senate, the Laurentian University Senate, the Faculty Affairs Committee, the Bursary Committee, the Community Engagement Committee, the University of Sudbury Board Ad Hoc Committee on Language and Culture, and currently participates on the selection committee for the new faculty position for the department of Culture and communication. Réal Filion published two additional titles at the University of Ottawa Press: La Dynamique multiculturelle et les fins de l'histoire (2009), and Foucault and the Indefinite Work of Freedom (2012)

Books by Réal Fillion