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Andre Blais

Andr� Blais is Professor of Political Science and Canada Research Chair in Electoral Studies at the Universit� de Montr�al.

Books by Andre Blais

Across Boundaries

Essays in Honour of Robert A.Young

edited by Andre Blais, Cristine de Clercy, Anna Lennox Esselment & Ronald Wintrobe

The Motivation to Vote

Explaining Electoral Participation

by (author) Andre Blais & Jean-François Daoust

Provincial Battles, National Prize?

Elections in a Federal State

by (author) Laura B. Stephenson, Andrea Lawlor, William P. Cross, Andre Blais & Elisabeth Gidengil

Multi-Level Electoral Politics

Beyond the Second-Order Election Model

by (author) Sona N. Golder, Ignacio Lago, Andre Blais, Elisabeth Gidengil & Thomas Gschwend

Dominance and Decline

Making Sense of Recent Canadian Elections

by (author) Elisabeth Gidengil, Andre Blais, Joanna Everitt, Patrick Fournier & Neil Nevitte


by (author) Elisabeth Gidengil, Andre Blais, Neil Nevitte & Richard Nadeau

When Citizens Decide

Lessons from Citizen Assemblies on Electoral Reform

by (author) Patrick Fournier, Henk van der Kolk, R. Kenneth Carty, Andre Blais & Jonathan Rose

Political Leaders and Democratic Elections

edited by Kees Aarts, Andre Blais & Hermann Schmitt

To Keep or To Change First Past The Post?

The Politics of Electoral Reform

edited by Andre Blais

Losers' Consent

Elections and Democratic Legitimacy

by (author) Christopher J. Anderson, Andre Blais, Shaun Bowler, Todd Donovan & Ola Listhaug

Strengthening Canadian Democracy

by (author) Paul Howe, Richard Johnston & Andre Blais

Establishing the Rules of the Game

Election Laws in Democracies

by (author) Andre Blais, Louis Massicotte & Antoine Yoshinaka

A Question of Ethics

Canadians Speak Out

edited by Maureen Mancuso
by (author) Michael Atkinson, Andre Blais, Ian Greene & Neil Nevitte

Governments, Parties, and Public Sector Employees

Canada, United States, Britain, and France

by (author) Andre Blais & Donald E. Blake

The Challenge of Direct Democracy

The 1992 Canadian Referendum

by (author) Richard Johnston & Andre Blais

La Participation electorale au Canada

by (author) Andre Blais & Peter Loewen

Letting the People Decide

Dynamics of a Canadian Election

by (author) Richard Johnston & Andre Blais