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Raye Anderson

Raye Anderson was born on the East Coast of Scotland and studied Drama in Edinburgh. She has iived in the Scottish Borders and also on the Hebridean Isle of Tiree. In Canada, her adoptive home, Raye has worked as a playwright, drama teacher, arts educator and theatre school director, primarily at the Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg but also in Ottawa and Calgary. She also taught at the University of Manitoba. Raye now lives with two dogs in the beautiful Manitoba Interlake. She draws, paints and writes crime fiction. Drama and visual art animate her stories. She likes to create action driven narratives and uses words to conjure up pictures of the landscape around her, the scene of The Dead of Winter, her first novel and the first of a series featuring Roxanne Calloway of the RCMP. Raye has two daughters and a granddaughter who has inherited her grandmother’s love of Drama.

Books by Raye Anderson