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The Cure for Loneliness

How to Feel Connected and Escape Isolation

by (author) Dr Bill Howatt

Page Two Books, Inc.
Initial publish date
May 2021
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    May 2021
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Globe & Mail Bestseller!

You can build authentic social connections—even while physically apart.

We are wired for social connection; our mental health depends on it. From a simple smile from a stranger on the street to a hug from a relative or close friend, we humans thrive when we feel connected to one another. And yet, loneliness is on the rise.

The good news is, you don’t have to continue suffering in silence. In this powerful guide and workbook, renowned mental health expert and addictions counselor Dr Bill Howatt drills into the root causes of isolation and loneliness—including the double-edged sword of digital technology—and shows you how to conquer them to achieve a more fulfilling, enriching life.

Through a compelling mix of real-life case studies, self-reflection exercises, and cognitive behavioral techniques, you’ll learn how to recognize your own self-limiting thoughts and behaviors, unlock your mental traps, and close the social connection gaps in all areas of your life—from the personal to the professional. Employers will also find tips for boosting psychological safety in the workplace and among their virtual teams.

No single pill or exercise offers an escape from isolation; the cure for loneliness lies in a combination of realizing where you’re stuck, and closing social connections gaps in meaningful ways. But if you commit to doing the work, you can become who you want to be. You can have more meaningful social connections. Ultimately, you’ll see that why you feel isolated and lonely may not be as important as what you learn to do with it.

About the author

Contributor Notes

Known as one of Canada's top experts in mental health issues in the workplace, Dr. Bill Howatt is the president of Howatt HR. Bill's life has not been an easy path. He understands the daily struggle of being a human being. Bill has had some major setbacks that have challenged his resiliency, such as being adopted, failing grade two, and living with a mental illness. If it were not for his positive experience at Acadia University, he may not be where he is today. He has 30-plus years' experience in mental health and addictions counselling, HR, and leadership. He is a regular columnist for the Globe and Mail and the Chronicle Herald, an instructor for the University of New Brunswick, and the author of over 400 articles and 40 books.

Editorial Reviews

" The Cure for Loneliness gives us the wisdom to understand why connecting is so important. Dr. Bill Howatt offers a practical toolkit for forming authentic connections with friends, family, and communities. Reading this book brought me a deep understanding of how social media can deceive us into thinking that we have an abundance of friends and connections, when we are actually starving ourselves of true human connection."
- Sandra Boyd, National Practice Leader, SVP of Career Transition & Career Management at Optimum Talent

" The Cure for Loneliness provides practical tools for evaluating our social connections, and techniques for developing meaningful relationships in our personal and professional lives."
- Lynn Brownell, President & CEO, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

"Finally, a go-to guide for anyone struggling with loneliness and isolation. Dr. Bill Howatt inspires confidence, comfort and a shared sense of purpose in this unique call-to-action. The Cure for Loneliness is the first book I've encountered that offers both a step-by-step path out of mental traps, as well as a brightly lit path into positive relationships that will build and protect good mental health."
- Dr. Ryan Todd, M.D. FRCPC, CEO, headversity

"Learn the important difference between solitude, isolation and loneliness - and more importantly, concrete ways of fending off their potential negative outcomes. The book's real-life examples allow us to find hope in unexpected places."
- Louise Bradley, C.M., President and CEO, Mental Health Commission of Canada

"Read it, use it, feel better. Dr. Bill Howatt offers strategies to help you and those you lead reduce loneliness and improve mental health. An insightful and practical read."
- Stuart MacLean, CEO, Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia

"Even if you're not especially lonely, you may still feel there's something missing in your life. Creating authentic connections can make all the difference. Enjoy this interesting read, but also use it to improve the quality of your life by freeing yourself from mental traps."
- Mary Ann Baynton, MSW, Principal, Mary Ann Baynton & Associates

"Dr. Bill Howatt is brilliant at explaining how our brain works and how we as human beings can unlock the mental traps that contribute to feelings of isolation and loneliness. This book is a must-read and a fantastic toolkit for anyone who wants to learn practical steps on how to deal with mental health barriers in order to increase our social connections and happiness."
- Mario Baril, Ombudsman for Mental Health and Employee Well-Being at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

"A must-read for anyone who senses their foundation of close friends and family is shifting under their feet. In my advocacy work on mental health at the political level, I knew change was taking place in our society and that our homes and workplaces were becoming lonelier places. Dr. Bill Howatt's book confirms this, but more importantly provides a pathway out of loneliness."
- Kevin Flynn, Ontario Minister of Labour, Chair of Ontario's Select Committee on Mental Health and Addictions

"Dr. Bill Howatt offers useful, interesting exercises to assess your level of isolation and loneliness, as well as practical, impactful tips to get out of your mental trap. Not only does this book encourage every one of us to improve our resiliency, it also inspires leaders to support their people and build a psychologically safe workplace."
- Renee Legare, M.Sc., ICD.D, Ph.D. Executive VP & Chief Human Resources Officer, The Ottawa Hospital

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