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Style for Everybody

A Guide to Curating Your Essential Wardrobe

by (author) Kim Appelt

Random House Canada
Initial publish date
Aug 2023
Fashion, Beauty & Grooming, Fashion
  • Hardback

    Publish Date
    Aug 2023
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The go-to fashion roadmap sharing the secrets to building a capsule wardrobe for all body shapes and personal styles.

We’ve all felt that defeat: thumbing through blouse after blouse in your closet, feeling like you have absolutely nothing to wear. Or at least, nothing you feel good in. That’s where Style for Everybody comes in. Kim Appelt is a stylist to the stars, and while her chic looks dazzle at award shows and beyond, she knows life’s not all about being red carpet ready. Building on the fun, approachable style wisdom from her popular YouTube videos, Style for Everybody is the go-to book for creating a classic and timeless wardrobe to perfectly fit you—your body, your style, and your life.

With Kim’s guidance, you’ll learn how to:

  • Condense your current closet with sustainable donation suggestions
  • Determine your body shape and personal style
  • Shop with efficiency and purpose
  • And the moment you’ve been waiting for! Build a new curated wardrobe, focusing on key garments, shoes, purses, and accessories for each body type and style

With an understanding of versatile body shapes (hourglass and rectangles are only the beginning) and fashion styles (a little preppy, full-on edgy?), Kim knows that the better you feel about yourself, the more of a positive force you can be in the world. Filled with beautiful illustrations, Style for Everybody is like having a personal stylist (and cheerleader!) in your home—and Kim’s help and encouragement will keep coming back whenever you need a style pick-me-up.

About the author

Contributor Notes

KIM APPELT is a leading celebrity fashion stylist, TV personality, and YouTuber. Professionally trained as a fashion stylist in New York, she returned to Canada and established herself as a namesake in the country’s fashion industry, working with a multitude of high-caliber clients, ranging from personal, musical, models, and A-list red carpet celebrities. She currently lives in downtown Toronto with her family.

Excerpt: Style for Everybody: A Guide to Curating Your Essential Wardrobe (by (author) Kim Appelt)


For as long as I can remember, I have been dressing people. My early years were spent growing up in Gaborone, Botswana. I’m unsure if it was my mom and dad’s parenting style or the slow arrival of our treasured belongings, but for a while my siblings and I didn’t have as many toys as we had had in North America. As a result of our low supply of playthings, we had to get more creative, and I took to styling at an early age as a form of entertainment. My first and very willing participant was my little sister, Kristin. Four years my junior, Kristin didn’t seem to mind being dressed and undressed repeatedly. I would create “wigs” out of my mother’s nylons and stunning “frocks” from kitchen aprons, and once these delightful creations were finished, I would dress her up and place a wig on her small head to create a long princess-like braid. She never objected. The smile on her face as she got in her chariot (aka the wheelbarrow) made my heart beat faster. It was at that early age that my desire to style was cemented.

We returned to North America five years later, and I remember watching my mom as she took care getting dressed and putting on makeup—even just for a trip to the grocery store. I once asked her why she bothered to look good just to run errands. Her eyes twinkled as she replied, “The question, Kimberley, is why wouldn’t you? It’s fun, and I feel good.” That was enough for me. It confirmed the happiness that can be derived from looking and feeling great. And being with my mom when she looked and felt great was contagious—it made me feel great, too!

As I grew up, my fascination with styling continued. I dressed my best friend, Paula, for our grade 6 dance. Neither of us had any new clothes, so she borrowed a few pieces from another friend and I put together our looks. I started modelling at 16, and being the budding stylist that I was, I couldn’t resist helping to pull the looks together on set and dress the other models. The other girls were more timid than I was, and I made them laugh and feel good about themselves, which always made for a better shoot. In my university days, my friends would come over to my place, knowing they could arrive wearing whatever and there would be a dramatic overhaul before we hit the town. I intuitively understood body shape and dressing according to personal style but wasn’t yet able to explain it. Fast-forward a few years. I graduated, got married, and had three beautiful children. Once they went to school full time, I felt the pull back to fashion. I took styling courses in Los Angeles and New York City, and from there worked under some amazing fashion stylists. I was blessed to make some connections . . . and the doors started opening. I styled covers of magazines, editorials, and celebrity red carpets, not to mention your everyday woman next door. My heart was full of gratitude to be able to do what I loved, as well as make people feel beautiful. But there was something I always felt was missing. I had a desire to reach more people, not just the clients I interacted with one on one. To try to connect with more women, I started a blog, which turned into a YouTube channel, and from there I was asked to be a fashion expert on TV. Which brings me to where I am today. I am so thrilled to have built a community of women I get to speak to on a regular basis through my YouTube channel.

This wonderful community asked me for a book. They take notes and rewatch the YouTube videos they love, but said they would love it if all the tips and tricks could live in one place: A book that can sit on their nightstand that they can read and reread. A book that they can give to friends as a gift. A book in which it feels like I am there with you, cheering you on, pushing your wheelbarrow, and helping you with your everyday style. Throughout these pages, I’ll help you clean out your closet, create a capsule wardrobe, and get dressed with confidence. Reading this book will inspire you on your journey, and we will do it together.

Editorial Reviews

“A wonderful, illustrated style guide from the expert! Style for Everybody provides style advice for everyone, from dressing with confidence to curating a perfect closet and creating your personal capsule collection best suited for you.”—Suzanne Rogers, founder of The Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute and notable supporter of Canadian fashion

“Kim Appelt’s Style for Everybody is as essential as a white T-shirt, on top of being a refreshingly practical approach to looking effortlessly chic. Kim reminds us that dressing up can be fun, and will inspire you to look and feel your best every day.”—Janine Verreault, Editor-in-Chief, BCLiving

Style for Everybody is a clear step-by-step guide on how to organize your fashion ‘life.’ And as someone who hangs onto clothes for emotional reasons, I found her advice to ‘let go’ of things I haven’t worn in years very motivational.”—Bernadette Morra, Editor-in-Chief, FASHION magazine

“Kim’s eagle eye for great style is a godsend for those who are a little unsure of how to pull it all together. This is the perfect handbook for navigating fashion’s maze with both confidence and creativity!!”—Jeanne Beker, fashion journalist and TV host

“Kim provides a manageable and easy way not only to dress but to handle the daunting task of taking on your closet every day. When you’re overwhelmed with your clothes, it takes the fun out of dressing. Style for Everybody is for the person who wants to bring the ease and joy back to walking into their closet every morning.”—Roxy Earle, TV personality, fashion designer, and founder of #MySizeRox

Style for Everybody is a step by step guide to mastering the art of dressing up and expertly curating an immaculately versatile wardrobe, sure to be a part of many beautiful experiences and lasting memories.”—Nikki Yassemi, founder and Creative Director of NARCES