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Love and Lemonade

by (author) Jamieson Wolf

Renaissance Press
Initial publish date
Sep 2019
General, Own Voices, Friendship
  • Paperback / softback

    Publish Date
    Sep 2019
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Blaine and his friends haven't always been lucky in love. They've stumbled throughout lust, hoping to find their hearts desire, or at least a good lay. They have made their way through life, stumbling a few times, and have finally found their way to comfort and acceptance...Or have they? There are all kinds of love in the world and Blaine and his friends will have to find the love that works for them.

About the author

Jamieson has been writing since a young age when he realized he could be writing instead of paying attention in school. Since then, he has created many worlds in which to live his fantasies and live out his dreams.

He is a Number One Best Selling Author (he likes to tell people that a lot) and writes in many different genres. Jamieson is also an accomplished artist. He works in mixed media, charcoal and pastels. He is also something of an amateur photographer, a poet and graphic designer. Jamieson lives in Ottawa, Ontario, with his husband.

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  • Winner, LR Café best GLBTQ+ book

Excerpt: Love and Lemonade (by (author) Jamieson Wolf)

"I can explain," Curtis said.

Devon stood there holding the flowers he had meant to leave for Curtis' birthday. They were supposed to be a surprise, but Devon was the one who was in shock. Curtis stood there looking like someone else entirely, like another person. Devon shook his head, closed his eyes and said a little internal prayer. Then he opened them again.

Curtis--if it was indeed him--was wearing a tight floor length ball gown in a brilliant pink colour. He had a blond wig on that matched his natural hair colour and it was done up in a large updo. A tiara blinked from atop his head. He was holding a purse that sparkled with iridescent rhinestones and his feet were clad in high heeled shoes in white leather that were covered in more rhinestones. He had makeup on and his eyelids that were marked in sparkling pink powder and his eyelashes were long and voluminous. He had another sparkly stone on his left cheek that looked like a beauty mark made of diamonds.

In short, Curtis sparkled.

Curtis looked shocked to see Devon. He actually jumped a little. "Hey handsome. I didn't expect you until later this evening. What are you doing here?"

Devon tried to play it cool. "What, a man can't bring his woman flowers for her birthday?"

Curtis let out a laugh and the sound calmed Devon a bit. "Oh, you silly man. I'm still a guy underneath this get up."

"You don't look like one now. How did you get boobs?"

"Believe it or not, plastic bags and hair gel. They make the most realistic breasts. A lot of drag queens use sand and balloons, but I find those too firm."

"Oh," Devon said.

The silence between them stretched on for too long. Devon looked at Curtis and still saw the man he loved, the man he adored, only he was wearing a dress.

After a few moments of silence, Curtis spoke again. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry you found out this way."

Shrugging, Devon said, "I just wanted to celebrate your birthday. I had all of these things planned, surprises and stuff I wanted to do for you."

"We can still do them! What did you have in mind?"

Instead of answering Curtis's question, Devon asked, "How long have you been doing this?"

"For a while now. A few years."

There was more silence while Devon tried to find a response. Finally, he spoke. "A few years?"

"Sure, my drag name is Carlotta Men. You may have seen me dressed up and performing in a few of the bars."

The name did ring a bell. "You did that number where you sang 'These Boots Were Made for Walking' and actually walked on men's backs."

"Oh, you saw that one! I was really happy with that. Don't worry, all steps were strategically placed. No one actually got hurt."

"Glad to hear it," Devon said.

More silence filled the room. Curtis spoke again: "Look, Devon, I'm sorry you had to find out this way."

"I'm sorry, too."

"Are you mad because I'm a drag queen?"

Devon tried to keep the hurt out of his voice. "I'm mad because you didn't tell me."

He set the flowers down on the hallway table. "Happy birthday, Curtis."

Stepping out into the hallway, Devon closed the door. He placed his hand upon the wood and imagined Curtis doing the same.

He was about to turn away when he heard the click of high heels on hardwood. The door was thrown open and Curtis was standing there, looking like a woman.

"Would you at least come to my birthday drag show? I am preforming a number I'm dedicating to you."

Devon looked at this creature, this woman, and smiled. "Just try to stop me," he said. And then he walked away from Curtis, leaving his heart behind.

Editorial Reviews

"Jamieson Wolf is a gifted writer!" Kelley Armstrong, New York Times Best Selling Author of the Women in the Otherworld Series

"An engaging read, the large cast of characters are both delightfully quirky and realistic. Now I want to read the series all over again!" - Carolyn Charron, Contributing Author, Nothing Without Us

"Jamieson has a way of using ordinary words and weaving them together to create living, breathing characters. They draw you into their lives, making you cry and rejoice along with them!" - Madona Skaff-Koren, author of Journey of a Thousand Steps

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