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published: Oct 2018

Leveraged Learning

How the Disruption of Education Helps Lifelong Learners, and Experts with Something to Teach

by Danny Iny

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entrepreneurship, education
0 of 5
0 ratings
list price: $34.95
published: Oct 2018

Leveraged Learning is a tour de force of education - how it evolved, what it delivered and where it is going”—Srikumar Rao

In a world where education is broken, everyone loses. But big disruption (and transformation) is coming to higher education, and there will be many winners.

This is the book that explores a model of education that’s not only robust enough for the modern world, it’s also affordable for students. It’s viable for businesses who long to finally hire the skills that are hard to find. And it’s distributed to the experts who are at the cutting edge of their fields rather than being confined to the purely intellectual and theoretical realms of the ivory tower.

Gone are the days when education was something that only happened at the start of your career. The name of today's game, both personally and professionally, is to be CONSTANTLY LEARNING: just enough, just in time, and never stopping. But where can knowledge workers, professionals, and lifelong learners go to find the training and education they need to stay current and thrive?

It's no secret that universities and colleges are struggling to keep pace and stay current. Often OUT OF TOUCH, exorbitantly overpriced, and slowed by unwieldy infrastructures, bureaucracies and tenure, these institutions are fundamentally designed to deliver a mode of education that still serves an important purpose, but leaves many of our individual and collective needs for learning and growth sorely unmet.

This crisis is an OPPORTUNITY FOR THE EXPERTS AND PROFESSIONALS who possess the knowledge and skills that are so sorely needed by so many. The solution is to package their expertise into leveraged learning programs. These online courses will create transformation for the lifelong learners who need them, and profit for the experts who create them.

Danny Iny, a successful educator and entrepreneur, has been leading the charge in the growing movement of course building and online education. And in Leveraged Learning, he lays out the guidebook for navigating and thriving in this new world – both as a lifelong learner, and as an expert with something to teach.

As a lifelong learner, you'll gain the skills and acquire the tools that you need to grow and thrive:

  • How education has changed and the implications for knowledge workers and professionals.
  • Why the education system is failing you and what alternatives to consider.
  • How to hack your patterns of behavior to support and accelerate your learning.
  • The three layers of learning that you must stack together to achieve mastery.
  • Which mental habits are critical to achieving ongoing, sustained success.
  • How to tell which online courses are worth taking, and which to avoid.
  • Why most online courses have single-digit completion rates, and how to transcend the statistics.

And as an expert with something to teach, you'll learn how to package your expertise for others' benefit, and your profit:

  • What it really takes to develop a lucrative revenue stream from your expertise.
  • The piloting methodology that has worked for thousands of successful online course creators.
  • How to design a curriculum that engages students and leads to mastery.
  • What to test, measure, and iterate as your course grows and evolves.
  • Research-based techniques to help every student perform at the 98th percentile of success.
  • Methodologies for peer-based feedback that cost-effectively support student learning.
  • How to engineer student success with accountability, gamification, and artificial intelligence.

All this and much, much more is yours for the taking. Leveraged Learning is your indispensable guide to staying current, growing, and thriving in the modern world.

Whether you will be one of the course creators or one of the lifelong learners (or both), you’ll benefit when you come along for the journey. Scroll up and buy the book today.

About the Author

Danny Iny (@DannyIny) is an educator, entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of Mirasee - a business education company. He’s developed widely acclaimed training, coaching, and support programs including the Course Builder’s Laboratory, Standout Guest Posting, the Business Ignition Bootcamp, and the ACES Club, which together have graduated over 5,000 value-driven entrepreneurs.

Danny’s nine published books include Leveraged Learning, Teach and Grow Rich, The Audience Revolution, and Engagement from Scratch!.

Danny’s lifelong love-hate relationship with education began with dropping out of high school at age 15, and eventually led to earning an MBA from Canada’s elite Queen’s School of Business. He has guest lectured at institutions including McGill and Yale universities, and is sought after by many authorities in the world of online business education, who are his private clients. Danny’s work is followed by over 100,000 experts and professionals

All of this grew out of humble beginnings; he started out just like most online entrepreneurs, with an idea and message to share, and no idea how to do it. He made several wrong turns, but he’s fond of saying that failure isn’t the end of the story—it’s just a “plot twist.”

Back in 2011, he started Firepole Marketing with less than nothing; he had no traffic, no subscribers, no relationships with any influencers in the industry, and over a quarter million dollars in personal debt, left over from his last failed startup.

In just a few short years, he transformed Firepole Marketing into Mirasee and grew the business to multiple-seven figures in revenue. Together with his talented wife, he now leads a team of 30+ people spread all over the world who are on a mission to support a very special global community of 100,000+ loyal and inspired entrepreneurs.

Then, in 2015, Firepole Marketing became Mirasee, a change that reflects the true mission of the brand, which is helping visionary entrepreneurs create income through impact.

Danny has maintained a passionate commitment to learning and transparency, freely sharing lessons learned from great successes, major challenges, and even his personal life to support the online entrepreneurial community as a teacher, speaker, angel investor, and advisor to many of the top leaders in our industry, who have Danny on speed-dial when they need help with their business or strategy.

His work is followed by over 100,000 experts and professionals across various outreach channels (email, social media, blog, column on Inc.com, etc.), and between 2015-2018, they’ve invested over $10 million towards training for success in the online education and course building space through his books and courses.

His study, research, and unflagging drive over the years have culminated in his latest work, Leveraged Learning, which aims to sow the seed of higher education’s transformation in the coming years.

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