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Humor Cultural, Ethnic & Regional

Fun On The Farm Too

True Tales of Farm Life

contributions by Deana Driver, Keith Foster, Peter Foster, Jean Fahlman, Bryce Burnett, June E. Hudy, Theodore Mikolayenko & Carrie Ann Schemenauer

DriverWorks Ink
Initial publish date
Aug 2017
Cultural, Ethnic & Regional, Anecdotes
  • Paperback / softback

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    Aug 2017
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  • Reading age: 13 to 18


Terrifying turkeys, birds and horses plus errors in judgment and farmhouse shenanigans are among the humorous stories told in Fun On The Farm Too, a follow-up to the popular Fun On The Farm: True Tales of Farm Life! More incidents, pranks, antics, and joys of life on a Canadian farm are shared by 22 Prairie writers who commemorate some of the unplaned but hilarious events experiecnes on their families' farms across Saskatchewan and other parts of Canada.

Contributing writers are: Deana J. Driver, Shirley Hamilton, Fred Clemence, Carrie Ann Schemenauer, Jean Fahlman, Ed Olfert, Peter Foster, Janice Howden, Theodore Mikolayenko, Lana and Amy Quark, Bryce Burnett, June E. Hudy, Lisa Driver, Mereline Griffith, Keith Foster, Edie Mowat, Marion Mutala, Clara Puddell, Dexter van Dyke, Lillian Rose, and Ruth Chorney.

About the authors

Contributor Notes

About the authors:

The 32 short stories and 8 poems in this anthology are written by 22 Prairie writers – all of whom experienced fun or funny adventures on their families’ farms.

Editor Deana J. Driver grew up on a farm at Athabasca, Alberta and has a deep appreciation for rural life. For more than 25 years, Deana (dee-na) worked as a freelance journalist, chronicling the stories of fascinating Prairie people through 2,300 articles published in Canadian magazines. She has written five non-fiction books and has worked with more than 35 Prairie authors since 2008, when she founded her book publishing company, DriverWorks Ink.

Excerpt: Fun On The Farm Too: True Tales of Farm Life (contributions by Deana Driver, Keith Foster, Peter Foster, Jean Fahlman, Bryce Burnett, June E. Hudy, Theodore Mikolayenko & Carrie Ann Schemenauer)

Farmer Jim

Bryce Burnett

Jim and Bernice live on a grain farm up the old Leinan way.
Jim farms the land; he has no cattle, he’s only into things that pay.

No one knows how much land he farms, it changes as with his hand he’ll wave.
Bernice claims he keeps buying more, his hand will still bid from the grave.

Jim can cover ground real fast, seems his machines have developed wings.
There’s no time for those slow-moving signs or trivial, piddly things.

Jim’s always ready to try new machines, test out how quick they’ll steer.
They have to be built real strong, ready for work and have a fast road gear.

He’s always first on the land every spring, the neighbours figure he’s lost,
He’s just picking stones; if they’re hit hard, they’ll surely pop out of the frost.

it’s a challenge how many feet he can pull or how wide his sprayer can be.
The boom’s a long way out, that fence post resembles a huge golf tee.

when combining, it’s always a test as to how much that machine can chew.
if those wads don’t get devoured the first time, eventually they’re bound to go through.

in harvest time, don’t move your cows down the road if Jimmy’s flying over the hill,
’Cause he’s always ready to eat a rib steak, even tossed on his new truck grill.

Throughout harvest we need good weather, ’cause Jimmy ain’t stopping for a little rain.
He’ll worry about it later, elevators are supposed to be able to mix out tough grain.

Now they bought a fifth wheel camper; it’s big, so handling it should be foolproof.
Going southward, they tore off the air conditioner, with help from a service station’s roof.

For the next trip, Bernice figures Alaska looks enticing,so up there maybe they’ll slip.
it’ll be better; the north’s a little cooler, so an air conditioner ain’t needed for that trip.

Best wishes to Jim and Bernice, we realize Jim’s one of the best farmers around.
Since you’re getting the old-age pension, maybe consider machines that stay on the ground.

- By Bryce Burnett, Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Editorial Reviews

"If you loved Fun on the Farm: True Tales of Farm Life, then you’re in for a treat. The sequel Fun on the Farm Too is packed with 40 more hilarious and memorable stories and poems about life on a farm on the Canadian prairies. Once again there are stories about strange happenings in outhouses, stubborn sheep, terrifying turkeys, alarming stories of pigs and chickens and the inevitable antics that arise from growing up on a farm."

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