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published: Dec 2016
publisher: Dundurn

Everton Miles Is Stranger Than Me Classroom Activity Guide

Dundurn Teachers' Guide

by Philippa Dowding

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published: Dec 2016
publisher: Dundurn

The sequel to The Strange Gift of Gwendolyn Golden, shortlisted for the OLA Red Maple Award.

I wander around like any normal, paranoid, self-absorbed teenager. Do we all think we’re being chased by deadly entities, I wonder? Probably, but how many of us actually are?

Gwendolyn Golden, Night Flyer, floats over the cornfields all summer. What draws her to the same spot, night after night? All she knows is that change is coming: she’s starting high school plus there’s a strange new boy in town.

He’s Everton Miles and he’s a Night Flyer, too.

Soon the mismatched teenagers face dangers they never imagined, including a fallen Spirit Flyer, a kidnapping, and the eternal darkness of The Shade. How will Gwendolyn handle her new life and grade nine? With help from the Night Flyer’s Handbook and her strange new friend, it might not be that hard.

CCBC’s Best Books for Kids & Teens (Spring 2017) Selection

About the Author
Philippa Dowding has won many awards and has had poetry and short fiction published in journals across Canada. Her children’s books have been nominated for numerous literary awards in Canada, the U.S., and Europe, including the SYRCA Diamond Willow, OLA Silver Birch, OLA Red Maple, and Hackmatack awards. In 2017, she won the OLA Silver Birch Express Honor Book award for Myles and the Monster Outside. Dowding currently lives in Toronto, ON.
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Contributor Notes

Philippa Dowding is an award-winning copywriter, poet, and children’s author. Her books have been nominated for the Diamond Willow, Hackmatack, Silver Birch, and Red Maple awards. Her third book, The Gargoyle at the Gates, was named a White Raven Book by the International Youth Library in Munich. Philippa lives in Toronto.

Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
9 to 12
4 to 7
Reading age:
9 to 12
  • Commended, CCBC’s Best Books for Kids & Teens (Spring 2017)
  • Commended, Dewey Divas and the Dudes Fall 2016 Picks
Editorial Reviews

A must-read for Gwendolyn fans, this latest addition to the Night Flyer's Handbook series will not disappoint.

— Canadian Children's Book News

An enjoyable tale starring a relatable character experiencing everyday struggles as well as magical adventure, and as an added bonus, it can easily stand on its own.

— Booklist

Dowding offers a charming sequel that meshes the magical world of Night Flyers with ordinary teenage life effortlessly… A page-turner that is funny, magical, and entertaining.

— Kirkus Reviews

Dowding’s effective use of magical realism gives this novel the flexibility to reconcile the minutiae of everyday life with the huge events that can derail it, allowing a resolution that neither diminishes nor exaggerates either of these polar opposites.

— Resource Links

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