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Quelle idée magnifique!

illustrated by Ashley Spires

Lola's Woolly Jumper

illustrated by Samantha Van De Kerckhove

My Fade Is Fresh

by (author) Shauntay Grant
illustrated by Kitt Thomas

Scaredy Squirrel Visits the Doctor

by (author) Mélanie Watt

The Power of the Pearl Earrings

by (author) Linda Trinh
illustrated by Clayton Nguyen

Beautiful You, Beautiful Me

by (author) Tasha Spillett-Sumner
illustrated by Salini Perera

Phoenix Gets Greater

by (author) Marty Wilson-Trudeau
illustrated by Megan Kyak-Monteith
with Phoenix Wilson

I Can, Too!

by (author) Karen Autio
illustrated by Laura Watson

A Starlit Trip to the Library

by (author) Andrew Katz & Juliana Léveillé-Trudel
illustrated by Joseph Sherman

Person Can Be ..., A

by (author) Kerri Kokias
illustrated by Carey Sookocheff

My Self, Your Self

by (author) Esmé Shapiro

C'est mon corps!

illustrated by Elise Gravel

How to Party Like a Snail

by (author) Naseem Hrab
illustrated by Kelly Collier


The Bashful Cloud

by (author) Kyo Maclear
illustrated by Nathalie Dion

Fiona the Fruit Bat

by (author) Dan Riskin
illustrated by Rachel Qiuqi

It's My Body!

illustrated by Elise Gravel

Je suis courageux : Un livre sur la résilience

by (author) Susan Verde
illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

Luna's Green Pet

by (author) Kirsten Pendreigh
illustrated by Carmen Mok

My Name Is Saajin Singh

by (author) Kuljinder Kaur Brar
illustrated by Samrath Kaur

The Book of Elsie

by (author) Joanne Levy

Legends of Funland

by (author) Melanie Florence

Because You Are

by (author) Jael Richardson
illustrated by Nneka Myers

Akpa's Journey

by (author) Mia Pelletier
illustrated by Kagan McLeod

That's Not My Name!

illustrated by Anoosha Syed

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