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Law Environmental

Environment in the Courtroom

edited by Alan Ingleson

contributions by Paul Adams, Natasha Affolder, Andrea C. Akelaitis, Karina Barker, Peter Boxall, Giorilyn Bruno, James Bunting, Cindy Chiasson, John S.G. Clark, John D. Cliffe, Lynda Collins, Jack D. Coop, Charles-Emmanuel Cote, Peter Craig, Adam Driedzic, Erin Eacott, Jennifer Fairfax, James D. Flagal, Shaun Fluker, Hadley Friedland, Paule Halley, Charles Hatt, Brenda Heelan Powell, Nicholas R. Hughes, Alex Ikejiani, Asha James, Meredith James, Albert Koehl, David Laidlaw, Jonathan Leo, Gary A. Letcher, Alastair Lucas, Fred Maefs, Sharon Mascher, Marc McAree, Heather McCready, Paul McCulloch, Heather McLeod-Kilmurray, Susan McRory, Danielle Meuleman, Rebecca Moore, Rod Northey, Terri-Lee Oleniuk, Martin Olszynski, Katia Opalka, Jean Piette, Sarah Powell, Phillip Saunders, Monika A. Sawicka, Dianne Saxe, Cheryl Sharvit, Anand Srivastava, Barry Stuart, John Swaigen, Chris Tollefson, Ronda M. Vanderhoek, Nickie Nikolaou, Michael Wenig, Robert Woon & Josephine Yam

University of Calgary Press
Initial publish date
Jan 2019
Environmental, Evidence, Courts, Environmental Conservation & Protection
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    Jan 2019
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Canadian environmental law is a dynamic and exciting area that is playing an increasingly important role in furthering sustainable development policy. Environmental law has distinctive relevant principles, operating procedures, implications, and importance in comparison with other areas of law, and these distinctions must be appreciated both within the legal community and by all those who are concerned with the way that courts handle environmental cases.

Environment in the Courtroom provides extensive insight into Canadian environmental law. Covering key environmental concepts and the unique nature of environmental damage, environmental prosecutions, sentencing and environmental offences, evidentiary issues in environmental processes and hearings, issues associated with site inspections, investigations, and enforcement, and more, this collection has the potential to make make a significant difference at the level of understanding and practice.

Containing perspective and insight from experienced and prominence Canadian legal practitioners and scholars, Environment in the Courtroom addresses the Canadian provinces and territories and provides context by comparison to the United States and Australia. No other collection covers these topics so comprehensively. This is an essential reference for all those interested in Canadian environmental law.

About the authors

Allan Ingelson is an associate professor in the Faculty of Law, University of Calgary. His research focuses on regulation of the Canadian and international energy and mining sectors.

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PAUL ADAMS is an associate professor of journalism and communications at Carleton University, and a veteran of CBC Television's The National, CBC Radio, and the Globe and Mail. His specialty is political reporting, and he has been posted in the Middle East, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Edmonton. Formerly he worked for EKOS Research, where he managed political polling conducted for the Toronto Star, La Presse, and the CBC. He is author of Summer of the Heart: Saving Alexandre, which was shortlisted for the Writers' Trust biography prize in 2004.

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Hadley Friedland is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta. She was the first Research Director of the University of Victoria’s Indigenous Law Research Unit.

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John Swaigen is a lawyer who started his career in 1974 as a member of the staff of a financially struggling nonprofit environmental organization. Over the years, he has served on the board of directors of several nonprofit groups and has raised money for projects ranging from organizing community opposition to damaging urban development to writing and publishing books on how to fight for social justice. He also has professional experience in evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of nonprofit groups.

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Editorial Reviews

This seminal collection has the potential to make a significant difference at the level of understanding and practice . . . an essential and unreservedly recommended reference for all those interested in Canadian environmental law
- Carl Logan, Midwest Book Review

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