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Science Paleontology

Dinosaur Tracks

The Next Steps

contributions by Peter L. Falkingham, Annette Richter, Martin Lockley, Jesper Milàn, Brent H. Breithaupt, Jens Nikolaus Lallensack, Neffra Matthews, Tommy A. Noble, Heinrich Mallison, Oliver Wings, Stephen M. Gatesy, Richard Gregory Ellis, Matteo Belvedere, James O. Farlow, Alberto Cobos Periáñez, Rafael Royo-Torres, José Ignacio Canudo, Diego Castanera Andrés, Jose J. Moratalla Garcia, Carlos Pascual Arribas, Laura Piñuela, Vanda Arlete Faria dos Santos, Bernat Vila, Denver W. Fowler, Andrew R.C. Milner, Jerry Harris, Xing Lida, Jahn J. Hornung, Nils Schluter, Annina Bohme, Scott Ernst, Kent A. Stevens, Luis Alcala, Francisco Gasco Lluna, Tom Hubner, David B. Loope, Tom Schanz, Maria Datcheva, Hanna Haase, Massimo Bernardi, Andrea Cinquegranelli, Simone D'Orazi Porchetti, Fabio Massimo Petti, Paulo Sa Caetano, Alexander Wagensommer, Richard T. McCrea, Li Ri-hui, Lisa G. Buckley, Lee Hall, Ashley Hall (Fragomeni), Mike Reich, Luis Mampel Laboira, Torsten van der Lubbe & Frederik Spindler

edited by Daniel Marty

Indiana University Press
Initial publish date
Aug 2016
Paleontology, Natural History, General
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    Aug 2016
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The latest advances in dinosaur ichnology are showcased in this comprehensive and timely volume, in which leading researchers and research groups cover the most essential topics in the study of dinosaur tracks. Some assess and demonstrate state-of-the-art approaches and techniques, such as experimental ichnology, photogrammetry, biplanar X-rays, and a numerical scale for quantifying the quality of track preservation. The high diversity of these up-to-date studies underlines that dinosaur ichnological research is a vibrant field, that important discoveries are continuously made, and that new methods are being developed, applied, and refined. This indispensable volume unequivocally demonstrates that ichnology has an important contribution to make toward a better understanding of dinosaur paleobiology. Tracks and trackways are one of the best sources of evidence to understand and reconstruct the daily life of dinosaurs. They are windows on past lives, dynamic structures produced by living, breathing, moving animals now long extinct, and they are every bit as exciting and captivating as the skeletons of their makers.

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Contributor Notes

Peter L. Falkingham is Lecturer in Vertebrate Biology in the School of Natural Sciences and Psychology at Liverpool John Moore's University, United Kingdom.

Daniel Marty is a research paleontologist at the "Paleontology A16" (Office de la culture, Canton Jura, Switzerland).

Annette Richter is Senior Custodian of Earth Sciences and head of the Natural History Department at the Lower Saxony State Museum at Hannover.

Editorial Reviews


[This] book is very well produced and is in color throughout with numerous figures and artwork, and the reproduction of the images is generally excellent. In a field so dominated by interpretation of complex and subtle forms this is an important aspect of the volume and adds significantly to its appeal. This book is an excellent compendium and a timely piece on a rapidly expanding and changing area of research.

Quarterly Review of Biology

This indispensable volume unequivocally demonstrates that ichnology has an important contribution to make toward a better understanding of dinosaur paleobiology.

BirdBooker Report


Dinosaur Tracks is a benchmark and a must-have for all researchers working on dinosaur tracks and on dinosaurs in general.

Swiss Journal of Palaeontology

Any scientist that considers the study of dinosaur (or other tetrapod) tracks should buy Dinosaur Tracks. For any person, scientifically informed illustrations presented in the book, will give a long-standing positive impression and thus show a value of dinosaur ichnology.

Priscum, The Newsletter of the Palentological Society

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by (author) David A. Eberth
edited by David C. Evans
contributions by Andrey Atuchin, Karl T. Bates, Paul M. Barrett, Phil R. Bell, Uwe Bergmann, Ivan Y. Bolotsky, Yuri L. Bolotsky, Kirstin S. Brink, Donald B. Brinkman, Caleb Marshall Brown, Michael Buckley, Michael E. Burns, Nicolás E. Campione, Rodolfo A. Coria, Philip J. Currie, Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia, Peter Dodson, Victoria Egerton, Gregory M. Erickson, Federico Fanti, Andrew A. Farke, Rodrigo Gaete, Àngel Galobart, Albert Garcia Sellés, Terry A. Gates, Michael A. Getty, Pascal Godefroit, Merrilee F. Guenther, Rebecca R. Hanna, Jason Head, Donald M. Henderson, René Hernández-Rivera, Lucia Herrero, David W.E. Hone, Jack Horner, Frankie D. Jackson, Zubair Ali Jinnah, Wang Kebai, Derek W. Larson, Carolyn G. Levitt, Da-Qing Li, David W.H. Lloyd, Oriol Oms Llobet, Spencer G. Lucas, Tyler R. Lyson, Susannah C.R. Maidment, Phillip L. Manning, Andrew T. McDonald, Christopher T. McGarrity, Ali Nabavizadeh, David B. Norman, Christopher R. Noto, Walter Scott Persons, Albert Prieto-Márquez, Zhao Qi, Angel A. Ramírez-Velasco, Violeta Riera, Bruce M. Rothschild, Michael J. Ryan, James G. Schmitt, William I. Sellers, Ricardo Servin-Pichardo, Robin Sissons, Wendy Sloboda, Corwin Sullivan, Robert M. Sullivan, Kohei Tanaka, Darren H. Tanke, Francois Therrien, Khishigjav Tsogtbaatar, Bart E. van Dongen, Bernat Vila, Jonathan R. Wagner, Mahito Watabe, Samuel M. Webb, David B. Weishampel, Roy A. Wogelius, Xing Xu, Hai-Lu You & Darla K. Zelenitsky