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Fiction Historical

Daughters of Britain

by (author) S.M. Carriere

Renaissance Press
Initial publish date
May 2017
Historical, Ancient, Historical
  • Paperback / softback

    Publish Date
    May 2017
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68 ad. The Roman Empire has swallowed most of Europe. There are pockets of resistance but nowhere, no one, is safe.

Refugee. Slave. Queen.

Mederei, eldest daughter of the fallen war-queen, Boudicca, fled north with her sister to continue the fight for British freedom. But nowhere is safe from Rome. Now she must fight for her life for the amusement of her enemy.

Soldier. Hostage. Prince.

Adalbern, a proud Batavian, serving in the Roman auxiliary, lived by their rules. But no one is safe from Rome. His people scattered and his nephew held hostage in Rome itself, he is now nothing more than a glorified prisoner. It's life or death both in the arena and out for Mederei and Adalbern as they try to survive and save their people.

About the author

When S.M. Carrière isn't brutally killing your favourite characters, she spends her time teaching martial arts, live streaming video games, occasionally teaching at the University of Ottawa, and cuddling her cat. In other words, she spends her time teaching others to kill, streaming her digital kills, teaching about historical death, and cuddling a furry murderer.

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Excerpt: Daughters of Britain (by (author) S.M. Carriere)

61 ad, Autumn, Caledonii Territory,

Free Britain

Lord Rhys, the elder of the two heirs to the throne of the Caledonian Federation, raised his weary head. He had been at training all morning, and was exhausted. But the wind had whispered in his ear, urging him to look up.

There, on the crest of the hill, silhouetted against the setting sun, stood two young girls. They were thin and filthy, but the sun caught the sheen of golden torques around their necks, the glistening of golden rings in their hair.

Caught for a brief moment, the young Lord Rhys merely stared until one of the girls collapsed. With a shout, he rose to his feet and ran, fast as his long legs could carry him. His shout of surprise alerted the other men in the training fields, and they too began to run.

The first to crest the hill, Rhys stood before the girls, breathing hard. The girl on the ground, hair straight and the colour of flame, did not seem to realize he was there. The standing girl, however, did, and her pale dun eyes met his defiantly, as if demanding he kneel.

"What creatures have blown in, then?" Rhys's trainer, and father's shield-bearer, demanded. "Who are you, and what do you mean by so boldly entering lands that are not yours?"

The girl with the savage eyes turned to Geraint, and Rhys noted the broad man flinch back slightly.

"Sanctuary," the girl croaked through cracked lips. "I demand sanctuary."

"Oh, demand, is it?" Geraint snapped. "On what authority?"

The girl held out a clenched fist, and unfurled it, revealing a golden ring with a red stone. Carved in that stone, visible only because the sun now shone through it, was a hare.

"Andrasta's mark," one of the men breathed. "There's only one who would carry that mark."

"She's dead," Geraint said.

"I am Mederei," the girl declared, her voice gaining strength. "Daughter of Boudicca, Queen of the Magni Ceni. I demand sanctuary."

The short speech took all her strength, and she swayed. Rhys dove forward, catching her as she fell, starvation and exhaustion robbing her of consciousness.

Geraint turned to one of the men. "Fetch the druid, Alwyn. Cadeyrn, send word to Lord Brennus."

"What are we going to do?" Rhys asked, looking down at the gaunt girl in his arms.

"These are Boudicca's daughters, my Lord," Geraint murmured. "We will give them sanctuary."

Editorial Reviews

"A fascinating journey into the past filled with action and emotional depths that can only come from a novel by S. M. Carrière."Éric Desmarais, author of A Study in Aether"S.M. Carrière's books immediately ensnare me. Vivid settings, exquisitely crafted characters... Her stories haunt me for the longest time."Cait Gordon, author of Life in the 'Cosm

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