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In Our Own Teen Voice 4

An Anthology of Creative Fiction by Vancouver Island Teens grades 8 to 12
edited by Lori Shwydky
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THE VOICE by Michaela SegretoI am the voice inside your head, The one that every day you dread.I am the voice inside your ear, That whispers while you weep in fear.I am the voice inside your mind, Telling you you'll never find Someone who deeply cares for you, Sees past your face and clothing too.A person who really doesn't care,About your hair or what you wear.But only cherishes your heart,That shining, caring, work of art.But in this crumbled world we're in, We're judged by the colour of our skin, And beauty's image is stick thin,Will anybody see within?But here's a secret, you have a choice, To follow the whispers of the voice,The voice that's deep inside your head, The one you should not always dread.The other voices calling you names, Fat. Weak. Ugly.Let them burn in flames Make your own voice, inside your head, A true one that cannot be misled.It will be different from the rest, But that is for the very best!I am the voice inside your head, And now you choose what lies ahead.

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I See Reality

I See Reality

Twelve Short Stories About Real Life
tagged : short stories
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