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Family Walks and Hikes of Vancouver Island — Volume 2: Nanaimo North to Strathcona Park

Streams, Lakes, and Hills from Nanaimo North to Strathcona Park

by (author) Theo Dombrowski

Family Walks and Hikes of Vancouver Island — Volume 1: Victoria to Nanaimo

Streams, Lakes, and Hills from Victoria to Nanaimo

by (author) Theo Dombrowski

Top 60 Canoe Routes of Ontario

by (author) Kevin Callan

Pay No Heed to the Rockets

Palestine in the Present Tense

by (author) Marcello Di Cintio

The Voyage of the Southern Sun

read by Michael Smith & Aaron Patrick

Rowing the Northwest Passage

Adventure, Fear, and Awe in a Rising Sea

by (author) Kevin Vallely

The Escapist

How One Man Cheated Death on the World's Highest Mountains

by (author) Gabriel Filippi & Brett Popplewell

World's Most Travelled Man

A Twenty-Three-Year Odyssey to and through Every Country on the Planet

by (author) Mike Spencer Bown

The Raftsmen

by (author) Ryan Barnett
illustrated by Dmitry Bondarenko

Dirty Kids

Chasing Freedom with America's Nomads

by (author) Chris Urquhart
foreword by Micah White
photographs by Kitra Cahana

Dust in My Pack

Ignite Your Adventurous Soul with Travelling Tales from Around Our World

by (author) Nancy O'Hare
photographs by Chad OHare
edited by Susan Fitzgerald

Apron Strings

Navigating Food and Family in France, Italy, and China

by (author) Jan Wong

Unpacked From PEI to Palawan

by (author) Mo Duffy Cobb


The Dog Who Crossed the Jungle to find a Home

by (author) Mikael Lindnord

The Great Canadian Bucket List

One-of-a-Kind Travel Experiences

by (author) Robin Esrock


Culture, Wonder, and Our Relationship with the Written Word

by (author) Ted Bishop

25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit

by (author) Jody Robbins

Okanagan Slow Road

by (author) Bernadette McDonald
illustrated by Karolina Born-Tschümperlin


Stories on the Move

guest editor Byrna Barclay

Hiking Trails 1

Southern Vancouver Island, Greater Victoria and Vicinity

edited by Gail Harcombe
illustrated by Judy Trousdell

Road Trip Rwanda

A Journey Into the New Heart of Africa

by (author) Will Ferguson

The Great Global Bucket List

by (author) Robin Esrock

Crocodiles and Ice

A Journey into Deep Wild

by (author) Jon Turk

The Family that Conquered Everest

by (author) Alan Mallory

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