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Marine Diesel Basics 1

Marine Diesel Basics 1

Maintenance, Lay-up, Winter Protection, Tropical Storage, Spring Recommission
illustrated by Dennison Berwick
also available: eBook
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Reliable and Robust The purpose of all work we do on our marine diesel engine and its ancillary components is to make the whole system reliable and robust – so that we can enjoy our boat for all the reasons we bought her. Simple, regular maintenance is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to avoid problems and accelerated engine wear. Most expensive repairs start from a lack of basic maintenance or ignoring small warnings:

1. Trust yourself. Maintenance is not complicated; it just needs to be done!

2. Know your boat. Take full responsibility. Don’t assume that because something was installed by a previous owner or the boatbuilder that it’s correct or correctly installed. Some boatbuilders, as well as owners, have been known to cut corners.

3. Can you afford cheap? Quality components rarely fail suddenly (unless the boat hits something). Using quality parts and supplies, and doing the job right the first time, usually saves money in the long run as well as aggravation. Pay now or pay later.

4. Cultivate vigilance as a habit. Take heed of a warning that something is not right – a new sound, less water in the exhaust, a nut or washer under the engine. A keen eye goes a long way to being able to spot potential problems before they become trouble.

5. The “diesel engine” is a system. All the parts need to work together and to be in balance. Problems arise when they’re not. Neglecting any one area (perhaps because it’s too hard to reach) may well have effects that show up somewhere else.

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