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Browse Books in Social Aspects

Good Burdens

How to Live Joyfully in the Digital Age

by (author) Christina Crook

Technologies of the New Real

Viral Contagion and Death of the Social

by (author) Arthur Kroker & Marilouise Kroker

Farm Fresh Broadband

The Politics of Rural Connectivity

by (author) Christopher Ali

The Next Age of Disruption

by (author) MIT Sloan Management Review

Digital Lives in the Global City

Contesting Infrastructures

edited by Deborah Cowen, Alexis Mitchell, Emily Paradis & Brett Story

Fixing Niagara Falls

Environment, Energy, and Engineers at the World’s Most Famous Waterfall

by (author) Daniel Macfarlane


Turning Things into Assets in Technoscientific Capitalism

edited by Kean Birch & Fabian Muniesa

The Promise of Artificial Intelligence

Reckoning and Judgment

by (author) Brian Cantwell Smith

Aerodynamic Noise

edited by H.S. Ribner

Cursed Objects

by (author) Jason Christie

Does America Need More Innovators?

edited by Matthew Wisnioski, Eric S. Hintz & Marie Stettler Kleine

Once and Future Feminist

edited by Merve Emre

Technology and Society: A Philosophical Guide

by (author) James Gerrie

Reassembling Rubbish

Worlding Electronic Waste

by (author) Josh Lepawsky


by (author) Jeff Latosik

The Internet Trap

Five Costs of Living Online

by (author) Ashesh Mukherjee

The Fabric of Interface

Mobile Media, Design, and Gender

by (author) Stephen Monteiro

Global Health Informatics

Principles of eHealth and mHealth to Improve Quality of Care

edited by Leo Anthony G. Celi, Hamish S.F. Fraser, Vipan Nikore, Juan Sebastian Osorio & Kenneth Paik

The Art of Failure

An Essay on the Pain of Playing Video Games

by (author) Jesper Juul

Our Battle for the Human Spirit

Scientific Knowing, Technical Doing, and Daily Living

by (author) Willem H. Vanderburg

The Growth of Minds and Culture

A Unified Interpretation of the Structure of Human Experience, Second Edition

by (author) Willem H. Vanderburg

Upside-Down Gods

Gregory Bateson's World of Difference

by (author) Peter Harries-Jones

Click and Kin

Transnational Identity and Quick Media

edited by May Friedman & Silvia Schultermandl


Global Labour in the Digital Vortex

by (author) Nick Dyer-Witheford

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