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Technical Debt in Practice

How to Find It and Fix It

by (author) Neil Ernst, Rick Kazman & Julien Delange

Acquired Tastes

Stories about the Origins of Modern Food

edited by Benjamin R. Cohen, Michael S. Kideckel & Anna Zeide


The Cultural Work of Standing In

by (author) Dylan Mulvin

In a New Light

Histories of Women and Energy

edited by Abigail Harrison Moore & R.W. Sandwell

Leadership Moments from NASA

Achieving the Impossible

by (author) Dave Williams & Elizabeth Howell


Decoding the Art and Science of Japanese Pickling

by (author) Ole G. Mouritsen & Klavs Styrb

Telecom Tensions

Internet Service Providers and Public Policy in Canada

by (author) Mike Zajko

Biomimetics and Bionic Applications with Clinical Applications

by (author) Meir Israelowitz
edited by Birgit Weyand, Herbert P. von Schroeder, Peter Vogt, Matthias Reuter & Kerstin Reimers

Building Your Permaculture Property

A Five-Step Process to Design and Develop Land

by (author) Rob Avis, Takota Coen & Michelle Avis
foreword by Geoff Lawton

Octopuses, Squid and Cuttlefish

Seafood for Today and for the Future

by (author) Ole G. Mouritsen & Klavs Styrb

Bent out of Shape

Shame, Solidarity, and Women's Bodies at Work

by (author) Karen Messing

The Chemistry of Innovation

Regis Duffy and the Story of DCL

by (author) Mo Duffy Cobb & Lori Mayne

Presentation Skills for Scientists and Engineers

The Slide Master

by (author) Jean-Philippe Dionne

The Next Age of Disruption

by (author) MIT Sloan Management Review

Biomechanics of Movement

The Science of Sports, Robotics, and Rehabilitation

by (author) Thomas K. Uchida & Scott L. Delp
illustrated by David Delp


Stories and Lessons from the Halifax Explosion

by (author) T. Joseph Scanlon
edited by Roger Sarty

The PS Royal William

The First True Transatlantic Steamer

by (author) Eileen Reid Marcil

Canadarm and Collaboration

How Canada’s Astronauts and Space Robots Explore New Worlds

by (author) Elizabeth Howell
foreword by David Williams

Digital Lives in the Global City

Contesting Infrastructures

edited by Deborah Cowen, Alexis Mitchell, Emily Paradis & Brett Story


Hot Times in the British Columbia Woods

by (author) Nick Raeside

Fixing Niagara Falls

Environment, Energy, and Engineers at the World’s Most Famous Waterfall

by (author) Daniel Macfarlane


Turning Things into Assets in Technoscientific Capitalism

edited by Kean Birch & Fabian Muniesa

Dublin Gulch

A History of the Eagle Gold Mine

by (author) Michael Gates

GM Agriculture and Food Security

Fears and Facts

by (author) Stuart Smyth, William A. Kerr & Peter W.B. Phillips

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