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Murder in Renfrew County

The predator who left three women dead — and the justice system that failed to stop him

by (author) Dean Beeby

Sexual Assault in Canadian Sport

by (author) Curtis Fogel & Andrea Quinlan

Skating on Thin Ice

Professional Hockey, Rape Culture, and Violence against Women

by (author) Walter DeKeseredy, Stu Cowan & Martin D. Schwartz
foreword by Heather Mallick
afterword by Jack Todd

Small Stories of War

Children, Youth, and Conflict in Canada and Beyond

edited by Barbara Lorenzkowski, Kristine Alexander & Andrew Burtch

We Animals (Revised Edition)

(Revised Edition)

by (author) Jo-Anne McArthur

Why We Fight

The Roots of War and the Paths to Peace

by (author) Christopher Blattman

Code White

Sounding the Alarm on Violence against Health Care Workers

by (author) Margaret M. Keith & James T. Brophy

Walking Away from Hate

Our Journey through Extremism

by (author) Jeanette Manning & Lauren Manning

When She Was Bad

How and Why Women Get Away with Murder

by (author) Patricia Pearson

The Ku Klux Klan in Canada

A Century of Promoting Racism and Hate in the Peaceable Kingdom

by (author) Allan Bartley

Murdering Justice

Activists Killed by Police in Canada

by (author) Jeffrey Shantz

Major Misconduct

The Human Cost of Fighting in Hockey

by (author) Jeremy Allingham
foreword by Daniel Carcillo

The Politics of Violence in Latin America

edited by Pablo Policzer
contributions by Michelle Bonner, Andreas E. Feldmann, Francisco Guterrez Sanin, J. Patrice McSherry, Anthony W. Pereira, Pablo Piccato & Jennifer Schirmer

Are We Done Fighting?

Building Understanding in a World of Hate and Division

by (author) Matthew Legge
foreword by George Lakey

Movements of Political Protest in Canada 1640-1840

by (author) S.D. Clark

Women and Gendered Violence in Canada

An Intersectional Approach

by (author) Chris Bruckert & Tuulia Law

Women and Gendered Violence in Canada

An Intersectional Approach

by (author) Chris Bruckert & Tuulia Law

Keetsahnak / Our Missing and Murdered Indigenous Sisters

edited by Kim Anderson, Maria Campbell & Christi Belcourt

Mad Blood Stirring

The Inner Lives of Violent Men

by (author) Daemon Fairless

Religion and Intimate Partner Violence

Understanding the Challenges and Proposing Solutions

by (author) Nancy Nason-Clark, Barbara Fisher-Townsend, Catherine Holtmann & Stephen McMullin

Sexual Violence at Canadian Universities

Activism, Institutional Responses, and Strategies for Change

edited by Andrea Quinlan, Curtis Fogel, Elizabeth Quinlan & Gail Taylor

Blood, Sweat, and Fear

Violence at Work in the North American Auto Industry, 1960–80

by (author) Jeremy Milloy

Manufacturing Urgency

The Development Industry and Violence Against Women

by (author) Corinne Mason

Killing Others

A Natural History of Ethnic Violence

by (author) Matthew Lange

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