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Creative Margins

Cultural Production in Canadian Suburbs

by (author) Alison L. Bain

When Technocultures Collide

Innovation from Below and the Struggle for Autonomy

by (author) Gary Genosko


Transformations in a City and Its Region

by (author) Edward Relph

Home in the City

Urban Aboriginal Housing and Living Conditions

by (author) Alan B. Anderson

Cities of Oil

Municipalities and Petroleum Manufacturing in Southern Ontario, 1860-1960

by (author) Timothy Cobban

Building a Co-operative Community in Public Housing

The Case of the Atkinson Housing Co-operative

by (author) Jorge Sousa

Indigenous in the City

Contemporary Identities and Cultural Innovation

edited by Evelyn Peters & Chris Andersen

Some Great Idea

Good Neighbourhoods, Crazy Politics and the Invention of Toronto

by (author) Edward Keenan

Walking Home

The Life and Lessons of a City Builder

by (author) Ken Greenberg


Saving Our Cities and Ourselves from the Automobile

by (author) Taras Grescoe

Tango on the Main

by (author) Joe Fiorito

Hard Choices

Financial Exclusion, Fringe Banks and Poverty in Urban Canada

by (author) Jerry Buckland

Women and Property in Urban India

by (author) Bipasha Baruah

Time and the Suburbs

The Politics of Built Environments and the Future of Dissent

by (author) Rohan Quinby

Mega Urban Regions of Southeast Asia

edited by Ira M. Robinson

Sex Workers in the Maritimes Talk Back

by (author) Leslie Ann Jeffrey & Gayle MacDonald

Race and the City

Chinese Canadian and Chinese American Political Mobilization

by (author) Shanti Fernando

Ecologies of Affect

Placing Nostalgia, Desire, and Hope

edited by Ondine Park, Rob Shields & Tonya K. Davidson

Aboriginal Peoples in Canadian Cities

Transformations and Continuities

edited by Craig Proulx & Heather A. Howard

The Question of Separatism

Quebec and the Struggle over Sovereignty

by (author) Jane Jacobs
edited by Robin Philpot

Perverse Cities

Hidden Subsidies, Wonky Policy, and Urban Sprawl

by (author) Pamela Blais

Speaking for a Long Time

Public Space and Social Memory in Vancouver

by (author) Adrienne L. Burk

Sex and the Revitalized City

Gender, Condominium Development, and Urban Citizenship

by (author) Leslie Kern

Local Motion

The Art of Civic Engagement in Toronto

edited by Alana Wilcox, Christina Palassio & Dave Meslin

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