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Pathways to Ruin

High-Risk Offending over the Life Course

by (author) Erin Gibbs Van Brunschot & Tamara Humphrey

Making Sense of Society

Power and Possibility

by (author) Alex Khasnabish

Simply Institutional Ethnography

Creating a Sociology for People

by (author) Dorothy E. Smith & Alison I. Griffith

Decolonizing Data

Unsettling Conversations about Social Research Methods

by (author) Jacqueline M. Quinless

Appealing Because He Is Appalling

Black Masculinities, Colonialism, and Erotic Racism

edited by Tamari Kitossa
foreword by Tommy J. Curry

A History of Anthropological Theory, Sixth Edition

by (author) Paul A. Erickson & Liam D. Murphy

A Criminology of Policing and Security Frontiers

by (author) Randy Lippert & Kevin Walby

Restless Ideas

Contemporary Social Theory in an Anxious Age

by (author) Tony Simmons

Governing the Social in Neoliberal Times

edited by Deborah R. Brock

Rethinking the Spectacle

Guy Debord, Radical Democracy, and the Digital Age

by (author) Devin Penner


Post-BLM and the Struggle for Freedom

by (author) Rinaldo Walcott & Idil Abdillahi

Entryways to Criminal Justice

Accusation and Criminalization in Canada

edited by George Pavlich & Matthew P. Unger
contributions by Dale A. Ballucci, Martin A. French, Aaron Henry, Bryan R. Hogeveen, Dawn Moore, Marcus A. Sibley, Rashmee Singh, Amy Swiffen, Elise Wohlbold & Andrew Woolford

Struggles for Justice in Canada and Mexico

Themes and Theories about Social Mobilization

by (author) Linda Snyder

The Village Effect

How Face-to-Face Contact Can Make Us Healthier and Happier

by (author) Susan Pinker


How We Come to Know

by (author) Kathleen E. Absolon (Minogiizhigokwe)

Among the Truthers

A Journey Through America's Growing Conspiracist Underground

by (author) Jonathan Kay

Unlikely Utopia

The Surprising Triumph Of Canadian Multiculturalism

by (author) Michael Adams