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Trauma, Spirituality, and Posttraumatic Growth in Clinical Social Work Practice

edited by Heather M. Boynton & Jo-Ann Vis

House Rules

Changing Families, Evolving Norms, and the Role of the Law

edited by Erez Aloni & Régine Tremblay

Claudette On The Keys

by (author) Joanne Culley

The Juggling Mother

Coming Undone in the Age of Anxiety

by (author) Amanda Watson

Home Care Fault Lines

Understanding Tensions and Creating Alliances

by (author) Cynthia J. Cranford

Being Fat

Women, Weight, and Feminist Activism in Canada

by (author) Jenny Ellison

The A-Z of Intermarriage

by (author) Denise Handlarski

“Where Are You From?”

Growing Up African-Canadian in Vancouver

by (author) Gillian Creese

Putting Family First

Migration and Integration in Canada

edited by Harald Bauder

The Hindu Family in its Urban Setting

by (author) Aileen D. Ross

The Multi-Problem Family

A Review and Annotated Bibliography

by (author) Benjamin Schlesinger

The Child and the Institution

A Study of Deprivation and Recovery

by (author) Betty Flint

Patterns of Social Functioning in Families with Marital and Parent-Child Problems

by (author) Gerson David

Room to Grow

A Study of Parent-Child Relationships

by (author) Carroll Davis

The Ethics and Politics of Breastfeeding

Power, Pleasure, Poetics

by (author) Robyn Lee

Fighting Fat

Canada, 1920-1980

by (author) Wendy Mitchinson

Prairie Fairies

A History of Queer Communities and People in Western Canada, 1930-1985

by (author) Valerie Korinek

Do Men Mother?

Second Edition

by (author) Andrea Doucet

Getting Past 'the Pimp'

Management in the Sex Industry

by (author) Chris Bruckert & Colette Parent

Family Matters, Third Edition

An Introduction to Family Sociology in Canada

by (author) Barbara A. Mitchell

Responding to Human Trafficking

Dispossession, Colonial Violence, and Resistance among Indigenous and Racialized Women

by (author) Julie Kaye

The Meaning Of Wife

by (author) Anne Kingston

Strengths-Based Child Protection

Firm, Fair, and Friendly

by (author) Carolyn Oliver

The Technoscientific Witness of Rape

Contentious Histories of Law, Feminism, and Forensic Science

by (author) Andrea Quinlan

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