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The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of the Middle East

edited by Armando Salvatore, Sari Hanafi & Kieko Obuse


The Study of Religion as Practice

contributions by Michiel Leezenberg, Anne-Marie Korte, Martin M. van Bruinessen, Umut Azak, Christoph Baumgartner, Rajeev Bhargava, John R. Bowen, Judith Butler, Rokus de Groot, Martijn de Koning, Sanne Derks, Wendy Doniger, Willy Jansen, Yolande Jansen, Mariwan Kanie, Webb Keane, Michael Lambek, Bruno Latour, Annelies Moors, Catrien Notermans, S. Brent Plate, Samuli Schielke, Regina M. Schwartz, Yvonne Sherwood, Thomas Tweed, Sander van Maas & Ali Hassan Zaidi

In Those Days: Inuit and Explorers

by (author) Kenn Harper

Religion at the Edge

Nature, Spirituality, and Secularity in the Pacific Northwest

edited by Paul Bramadat, Patricia O'Connell Killen & Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme

Mennonite Farmers

A Global History of Place and Sustainability

by (author) Royden Loewen

Theologies of American Exceptionalism

contributions by Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Constance Furey, Matthew Scherer, Joseph Winters, M. Cooper Harriss, W. Clark Gilpin, Spencer Dew, Noah Salomon, Faisal Devji, Lisa H. Sideris, Elisabeth Anker, Shaul Magid, Stephanie Frank & Benjamin L. Berger

In Those Days: Shamans, Spirits, and Faith in the Inuit North

by (author) Kenn Harper

Temperance and Cosmopolitanism

African American Reformers in the Atlantic World

by (author) Carole Lynn Stewart

None of the Above

Having No Religion in the United States and Canada

by (author) Joel Thiessen & Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme

None of the Above

Nonreligious Identity in the US and Canada

by (author) Joel Thiessen & Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme

In Those Days: Shamans, Spirits, and Faith in the Inuit North

Shamans, Spirits, and Faith in the Inuit North

by (author) Kenn Harper

The Subversive Evangelical

The Ironic Charisma of an Irreligious Megachurch

by (author) Peter J. Schuurman

The Hindu Family in its Urban Setting

by (author) Aileen D. Ross

Hell and Damnation

A Sinner's Guide to Eternal Torment

by (author) Marq de Villiers

Sect, Cult, and Church in Alberta

by (author) William Mann

Church and Sect in Canada

Third Edition

by (author) S.D. Clark

More Than Words

Transforming Script, Agency, and Collective Life in Bali

by (author) Richard Fox

Beyond Accommodation

Everyday Narratives of Muslim Canadians

by (author) Jennifer Selby, Amélie Barras & Lori G. Beaman

Beyond the Altar

Women Religious, Patriarchal Power, and the Church

by (author) Christine L.M. Gervais

On Islam

Muslims and the Media

edited by Hilary E. Kahn & Rosemary Pennington
contributions by Arsalan Iftikhar, Peter Gottschalk, Zarqa Nawaz, Rafia Zakaria, Nabil Echchaibi, Elizabeth Poole, Sobia Ali-Faisal, Krista Riley, Robert King & Ammina Kothari

Religion and Public Discourse in an Age of Transition

Reflections on Bahá’í Practice and Thought

edited by Geoffrey Cameron & Benjamin Schewel

Leaving Christianity

Changing Allegiances in Canada since 1945

by (author) Brian P. Clarke & Stuart Macdonald

Religion and Canadian Party Politics

by (author) David Rayside, Jerald Sabin & Paul E.J. Thomas

Wash, Wear, and Care

Clothing and Laundry in Long-Term Residential Care

by (author) Pat Armstrong & Suzanne Day

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