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Browse Books in Sexual Abuse & Harassment

Defining Sexual Misconduct

Power, Media, and #MeToo

by (author) Stacey Hannem & Christopher J. Schneider

Best Young Woman Job Book

A Memoir

by (author) Emma Healey

It Should Be Easy to Fix

by (author) Bonnie Robichaud


The Woman Who Inspired an African #MeToo Movement

by (author) Toufah Jallow
with Kim Pittaway

Rock Paper Sex Volume 2

Trigger Warning

by (author) Kerri Cull

The Unravelling

Incest and the Destruction of a Family

by (author) Donna Besel

The Moment

Standing Up to Bill Cosby, Speaking Up for Women

by (author) Andrea Constand

Asking For It

and What I Call Her

by (author) Ellie Moon

Going Public

A Survivor’s Journey from Grief to Action

by (author) Julie Macfarlane

Resilience Is Futile

The Life and Death and Life of Julie Lalonde

by (author) Julie S. Lalonde

In My Own Moccasins

A Memoir of Resilience

by (author) Helen Knott

Resilience Is Futile

The Life and Death and Life of Julie S. Lalonde

by (author) Julie Lalonde

Lazarus Heart

Coming Back to Life from PTSD

by (author) O'Sullivan Mary

Had It Coming

What's Fair in the Age of #MeToo?

by (author) Robyn Doolittle

Whatever Gets You Through

Twelve Survivors on Life after Sexual Assault

by (author) Jen Sookfong Lee
edited by Stacey May Fowles

Pedophilia and Exhibitionism

by (author) J.W. Mohr, R.E. Turner & Marian Jerry

The Time Has Come

Why Men Must Join the Gender Equality Revolution

by (author) Michael Kaufman

Groping for Truth

My Uphill Struggle for Respect

by (author) Montaha Hidefi

Secret Life

The Jian Ghomeshi Investigation

by (author) Kevin Donovan

Women and Genocide

Gendered Experiences of Violence, Survival, and Resistance

edited by JoAnn DiGeorgio-Lutz & Donna Gosbee

The Little Book of Restorative Justice for Sexual Abuse

Hope through Trauma

by (author) Judah Oudshoorn, Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz & Michelle Jackett

One Hour in Paris

A True Story of Rape and Recovery

by (author) Karyn L. Freedman

Defending Battered Women on Trial

Lessons from the Transcripts

by (author) Elizabeth A. Sheehy

No One To Tell

Breaking My Silence on Life in the RCMP

by (author) Janet Merlo
edited by Leslie Vryenhoek
introduction by Linden MacIntyre

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