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Sex Work in Popular Culture

by (author) Lauren Kirshner

Judging Sex Work

Bedford and the Attenuation of Rights

by (author) Colton Fehr

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

The Victim Journey

contributions by Anne-Marie Greenslade, Anta Brachou, Kathryn Hodges, Sarah Burch, Ruth Van Dyke, Mike Dottridge, Anna Westin, Imogen Fell, Sasha Jesperson, Rune Heriksen, Craig Barlow, Diem-Tu Tran, Karen Sanders, Jon Hackett, Neena Samota, Debbie Ariyo, Karen Anstiss, Colleen Theron & Trevor Stammers
edited by Carole Murphy & Runa Lazzarino

Modern Whore

A Memoir

by (author) Andrea Werhun & Nicole Bazuin

Rock Paper Sex Volume 2

Trigger Warning

by (author) Kerri Cull

This Is My Real Name

A Stripper's Memoir

by (author) Cid V. Brunet

Slut-Shaming, Whorephobia, and the Unfinished Sexual Revolution

by (author) Meredith Ralston

Victoria Unbuttoned

A Red-Light History of BC’s Capital City

by (author) Linda J. Eversole

Permanent Carnival Time

by (author) Colin Smith

Radiant Shards

Hoda's North End Poems

by (author) Ruth Panofsky

A Life of Ill Repute

Public Prostitution in the Middle Ages

by (author) Maria Serena Mazzi

In Pursuit of Love

One Woman's Journey from Trafficked to Triumphant

read by Rebecca Bender

Hustling Verse

An Anthology of Sex Workers' Poetry

edited by Amber Dawn & Justin Ducharme

Red Light Labour

Sex Work Regulation, Agency, and Resistance

edited by Elya M. Durisin, Emily van der Meulen & Chris Bruckert

Sex, Love, and Migration

Postsocialism, Modernity, and Intimacy from Istanbul to the Arctic

by (author) Alexia Bloch

Rock Paper Sex

The Oldest Profession in Canada’s Oldest City

by (author) Kerri Cull

The Teen Sex Trade

My Story

by (author) Jade H. Brooks

Rock Paper Sex

The Oldest Profession in Canada’s Oldest City

by (author) Cull Kerri

Chinese Comfort Women

Testimonies from Imperial Japan’s Sex Slaves

by (author) Peipei Qiu
with Su Zhiliang & Chen Lifei

Sex Work

Rethinking the Job, Respecting the Workers

by (author) Colette Parent, Chris Bruckert, Patrice Corriveau, Maria Nengeh Mensah & Louise Toupin
translated by Käthe Roth

Somebody's Daughter

The Hidden Story of America's Prostituted Children and the Battle to Save Them

by (author) Julian Sher

Selling Sex

Experience, Advocacy, and Research on Sex Work in Canada

edited by Emily van der Meulen, Elya M. Durisin & Victoria Love

How Poetry Saved My Life

A Hustler's Memoir

by (author) Amber Dawn