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People Change

by (author) Vivek Shraya


A Guide to Everyday Health Decisions with More Facts and Less Worry

by (author) Timothy Caulfield

Imagined Truths

Myths from a Draft-Dodging Poet

by (author) Richard Lemm

Extra Salty

Jennifer’s Body

by (author) Frederick Blichert

Gasoline Dreams

Waking Up from Petroculture

by (author) Simon Orpana
foreword by Imre Szeman
afterword by Mark Simpson


A True Story of Beauty Culture under Late Capitalism

by (author) Daphne B.
translated by Alex Manley

Emotions Don't Think Emotional Contagion in a Time of Turmoil

Emotional Contagion in a Time of Turmoil

by (author) Bruce Hutchison

The Comics World

Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Their Publics

edited by Benjamin Woo & Jeremy Stoll

Reclaiming Popular Documentary

by (author) Christie Milliken & Steve F. Anderson
contributions by Ezra Winton, Patricia Aufderheide, Zoë Druick, Devon Coutts, Sabiha Ahmad Khan, Anthony Kinik, Michael Brendan Baker, Allison de Fren, Jonathan Kahana, Shilyh Warren, S. Topiary Landberg, Landon Palmer, Dylan Nelson, Alexandra Juhasz, Rick Prelinger & George S. Larke-Walsh

Race in Young Adult Speculative Fiction

edited by Meghan Gilbert-Hickey & Miranda A. Green-Barteet

Indigenous Celebrity

Entanglements with Fame

edited by Jennifer Adese & Robert Alexander Innes

Conspiracies Uncovered

Discover the World's Biggest Secrets

by (author) Lee Mellor


Race, Nostalgia, and the Politics of Loyalty

by (author) Cheryl Thompson

Queer Anxieties of Young Adult Literature and Culture

by (author) Derritt Mason

Relax, Dammit!

A User's Guide to the Age of Anxiety

by (author) Timothy Caulfield

We Still Here

Hip Hop North of the 49th Parallel

edited by Charity Marsh & Mark V. Campbell
foreword by Murray Forman

Vaudeville and the Making of Modern Entertainment, 1890-1925

by (author) David Monod

New Orleans in Golden Age Postcards

by (author) Matthew Griffis

Rise of Real-Life Superheroes

and the Fall of Everything Else

by (author) Peter Nowak

On Nostalgia

by (author) David Berry
narrator Adam Daniel Mezei

Advertising Shits in Your Head

Strategies for Resistance

by (author) Vyvian Raoul
introduction by Josh MacPhee

Soccer vs. the State

Tackling Football and Radical Politics, Second Edition

by (author) Gabriel Kuhn
foreword by Boff Whalley

The Science of Celebrity . . . or Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?

by (author) Timothy Caulfield

Any Night of the Week

A D.I.Y. History of Toronto Music, 1957-2001

by (author) Jonny Dovercourt

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