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A Memoir

by (author) Susan Mockler

Autism in Film and Television

On the Island

edited by Murray Pomerance & R. Barton Palmer

Disability Injustice

Confronting Criminalization in Canada

edited by Kelly Fritsch, Jeffrey Monaghan & Emily van der Meulen

Land of Many Shores

Perspectives from a Diverse Newfoundland and Labrador

edited by Ainsley Hawthorn

Still Living the Edges: A Disabled Women's Reader

A Disabled Women's Reader

edited by Diane Driedger

Able to Lead

Disablement, Radicalism, and the Political Life of E.T. Kingsley

by (author) Ravi Malhotra & Benjamin Isitt

About Canada: Disability Rights

2nd Edition

by (author) Deborah Stienstra
read by Nathalie Toriel

Illness and Authority

Disability in the Life and Lives of Francis of Assisi

by (author) Donna Trembinski

Tranquility Lost

The Occupation of Tranquille and Battle for Community Care in BC

by (author) Gary Steeves

The Aging–Disability Nexus

edited by Katie Aubrecht, Christine Kelly & Carla Rice

Law and Neurodiversity

Youth with Autism and the Juvenile Justice Systems in Canada and the United States

by (author) Dana Lee Baker, Laurie A. Drapela & Whitney Littlefield

The Power of Disability

10 Lessons for Surviving, Thriving, and Changing the World

by (author) Al Etmanski

Tender to the World

Jean Vanier, L'Arche, and the United Church of Canada

by (author) Carolyn Whitney-Brown

A World without Martha

A Memoir of Sisters, Disability, and Difference

by (author) Victoria Freeman

Politics of Empowerment

Disability Rights and the Cycle of American Policy Reform

by (author) David Pettinicchio

Shut Away

When Down Syndrome Was a Life Sentence

by (author) Catherine McKercher


Institutions, Families, and the Construction of Intellectual Disability

by (author) Madeline C. Burghardt

Not a New Problem

Violence in the Lives of Disabled Women

edited by Michelle Owen, Diane Hiebert-Murphy & Janice Ristock
foreword by Emily Ternette

Care Work

Dreaming Disability Justice

by (author) Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Unleash Different

Achieving Business Success Through Disability

by (author) Rich Donovan

Untold Stories

A Canadian Disability History Reader

edited by Nancy Hansen, Roy Hanes & Diane Driedger

King Arthur's Night and Peter Panties

A Collaboration Across Perceptions of Cognitive Difference

by (author) Marcus Youssef & Niall McNeil
introduction by Al Etmanski

Disabling Barriers

Social Movements, Disability History, and the Law

edited by Ravi Malhotra & Benjamin Isitt

Mobilizing Metaphor

Art, Culture, and Disability Activism in Canada

edited by Christine Kelly & Michael Orsini

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